Why Your Car Dealership Needs A Website?

07 Jul 2021

Studies show that 92% of car buyers in the UAE research online instead of attending a dealership. 

You have to admit, there isn’t a single day that passes where you don’t use the internet to research information. As car buyers shift to online a dealership website is now more important than ever!

Here are 5 reasons why your car dealership needs a website and what a website can give your dealership.

1. 24/7 showroom

At the end of the day, your focus is to sell quality cars and make money! The problem for many customers is they are unable to visit your dealership during business hours. So, why not implement a solution that allows customers to see your vehicle stock 24/7? 

A dealer website gives customers the ability to view your stock when it suits them best! 

2. Builds trust with your customers

Buyers want to purchase a car from a dealer they trust. To put things into perspective research shows that 81% of customers base their buying decision on your online reviews. A dealership website gives you an opportunity to showcase what past customers are saying about your dealership. 

Put yourself in the your customers shoes. Would you buy a car off a dealership with no online reviews? Or from a dealership with countless positive reviews?

For dealerships that don’t have a dealer website customers can't see what you have done in the past. Having an online destination where you can showcase your customers past experiences will create better customer trust – which translates to greater sales and dealership profitability.

3. Allows customer flexibility

A website is often a customers’ first point of contact with a business. If your business is not online, you’re making it so much harder for them to get in touch with you. A dealership website gives customers flexibility to research and enquire at a time that suits them best.

Many car buyers may have trouble getting to your dealership during business hours, they have jobs, family commitments etc. Having a dealership website removes customer dependence on attending the dealership.

4. Your competitors are online

It’s so important you stay ahead of the competition. If you don’t have a website the is a high chance your competition does.

If a would-be customer is beginning their research for a car online and they can't find your dealership they will go to a dealership that does. When that happens, your business could lose thousands. Not having a dealer website puts your dealership behind the competition instantly.

5. Customers expect a company website

It’s been found that 30% of car buyers won’t even consider doing business with a dealership that doesn’t have a website. Having a dealership website is an expectation for customers in 2021. Off the bat your customers will be sceptical.

Where EasyCars can help?

EasyCars specialises in creating professionally designed, responsive and SEO friendly dealership websites that give your dealership optimal online presence.

Integrated with EasyCars DMS all your vehicles are added and removed automatically as you buy and sell. With full training provide and no IT experience required it has never been easier to start. 

EasyCars has built websites for hundreds of dealers, and we understand your vision. Submit the form below to see how we can help your dealership with a brand-new website.

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