Why Web-based Applications Are So Important For UAE Car Dealers

24 Aug 2021 Helpful Tips

The UAE motor industry has changed so much in the last 18 months. The way dealers sold cars prior to the pandemic is so much different then the way they sell cars today. Running a successful car dealership in 2021 presents many challenges. With that being said, you want to be sure you have complete control of your dealership at all times.

For motor dealers in the UAE having web-based applications is now more important than ever. Here a few reasons why web-based applications are so important for your dealership.

Openly Accessible:

With the world constantly changing, it is so important that you have a system in place that allows you to access all your vital dealership information at any time and any place. Put yourself back 18 months, the beginning of the pandemic came in like a freight train and dealerships were forced to close their dealerships. Many dealerships who did not have a web-based system in place were unable to trade - losing thousands in the process.

Web-based dealer management systems like EasyCars, offer UAE car dealers a simplified and freely accessible solution that allows you to manage at all times. The benefit of web-based applications is you can access the software on any device, all you need is the internet connection. This is so helpful as it keeps you in control of your business no matter what the world throws at you.

Reliable service:

Reliability is a key factor in running any successful business. Web-based dealer management systems offer UAE car dealers a reliable and adaptable product that can be used by any employee no matter their role or IT experience.

One of the biggest disadvantages of Desktop based applications is you are restricted to one device of use. This problem with this is if an unexpected issue arises such as a virus, computer malfunction or system issue you are not protected. Your business can lose valuable data, financial information, and customer information. It has been reported that some businesses can lose up to AED 2 million per year on desktop computer issues.

The benefit of using web-based applications is your business is covered in the situations mentioned above. With the system being hosted online, all data is automatically stored on the cloud. If your device has unexpected issues, you can still access your data without the fear of losing the data for good. All you will need to do is log into another device and be about your business.

Reduces Administration Time:

Reducing manual labour time is so important for the longevity of a motor dealership. As technology continues to advance, web-based applications like EasyCars offer motor dealers in the UAE a solution that automates common day-to-day tasks – giving you more time to focus on sales and profitability.

Using the latest features available, web-based applications can automatically complete tasks with minimal human input. For example, the EasyCars system instantly automates complex VAT calculations, allows dealers to send advertisements to multiple advertisers at once and simplifies stock management. The benefit of web-based automation means less time spent completing repetitive manual jobs - giving you greater dealership efficiency and profitability.

Reduces your costs:

Let’s face the facts, if you don’t reduce your overheads, you could go out of business! Web-based dealer management systems eliminate hefty ongoing IT infrastructure costs such as servers, consultant fees and maintenance.

With the web-based applications being hosted through the internet you don’t need to constantly spend funds on server rooms, maintenance, and IT consultant fees. You will save thousands per year in costs that are normally assigned for IT.

Final word,

The world will continue to change, the only thing dealers can do is have a clear plan in place. Nobody knows what will happen in a years’ time. With that being said you will want to be sure you have an openly accessible and reliable service that allows you to manage your dealership at any time and any place.

Web-based applications give dealers in the UAE a complete solution that puts you in complete control of your dealership – no matter what the world throws up.

About EasyCars

EasyCars by Jeal is a web-based dealer management system that simplifies and automates all day-to-day tasks of operating a motor dealership in the UAE.

EasyCars includes all your everyday needs like Stock Management, Automated Advertising, VAT compliance, dealership accounting, website integration and so much more. 

With over 38-years of experience creating simplified solutions for motor dealers around the world, EasyCars understands your vision and helps you escalate growth. Find out why UAE dealers have been choosing EasyCars for their management system.

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