Why UAE Motor Dealers Should Continue to Communicate with Past Customers

27 Sep 2022 Helpful Tips

A Common Mistake made by many Motor Dealers is ending communication with customers after the time of purchase. Staying in touch with past customers creates a vast number of opportunities that you may not be aware of…

Here’s Why UAE Motor Dealers Should Continue to Communicate with Past Customers.

1. Word Of Mouth Opportunities

By far the biggest benefit of keeping in contact with past customers is it presents your dealership with referral / word of mouth lead opportunities.

By continuing your relationship with past customers, you increase the chances of receiving future leads. If a past customer has had a good experience buying from your dealership, they may refer their close friends and family to your dealership when they are in the market for a car.

The reason why word of mouth and referral leads are so important for dealerships is because they are inexpensive. You can generate high-quality leads for at a fraction of what you would normally pay for leads through online vehicle advertising websites.

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2. Opportunities to Buy Vehicles

The biggest challenge facing all Motor Dealers around the world in 2022 is vehicle stock shortages. Most dealers can’t get their hands on new vehicles to sell. Another added benefit of keeping in contact with past customers is it opens the doors to future vehicle buy backs.

If you have built a good relationship with your past customers and are in the market for new vehicles to sell, you can reach out to them to see if they are or know anybody who may be thinking to sell their vehicle. If they know anyone, they will be more willing to help you out as you have helped them in the past with a new vehicle.

The benefit of reaching out to past customers for new cars to sell is you may be able to source vehicles for a much cheaper price than you would if you attended a vehicle auction.

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3. Up Selling Opportunities

Another benefit of keeping in contact with your past customers is you can remarket any promotions, special offers or discounts that you may be offering at your dealership.

If you are looking to run a promotion at your dealership you have the option to send those incentives to your past customers first. The reason why you would want to offer it to past customers first is they have already purchased from you in the past and they know what to expect. If they find your offer appealing, they will be more willing to purchase from you than those who have not bought from you before.

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4. Cheaper Lead Acquisition Costs

The ultimate goal for every Motor Dealer is to generate high quality leads at the cheapest possible price. One of the biggest benefits of keeping in contact with your past customers is it can save your dealership thousands in lead acquisition costs.

Like mentioned above, if your past customers refer your dealership to their friends, you will receive a high-quality lead for no cost! The benefit of sourcing cheap leads is you can minimize your advertising spend and re-route those funds to other more important areas of your dealership.

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5. They Have Already Purchased from your Dealership

Past Customers who have already purchased from your dealership will need another car again in the future. Another benefit of remaining in contact with your past customers is you increase the chances of having them purchase from you again.

When your past customer needs a new car, you can send them any relevant vehicles that you have available. If they are interested, they will be more motivated to buy from you than another seller as they have been through the process with you before.

Final Word,

Staying in contact with past customers offers your dealership countless opportunities. The 5 reasons mentioned above are good examples of why you should continue to communicate with past customers after they have purchased.

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