Why UAE Motor Dealers Need to Automate Advertising

23 Aug 2022 Helpful Tips

Vehicle Advertising is arguably the most important part of running a Motor Dealership. If your dealership doesn’t advertise, you will struggle to find buyers to sell your cars to.

With that being said, many motor dealers in the UAE make the mistake of creating and sending vehicle advertisements to different advertisers individually, unaware of the impacts it causes on the dealership.

Here's Why UAE Motor Dealers Need to Automate Advertising in 2022.

1. Individual Advertising is Time-Consuming

The biggest problem with Vehicle Advertising is it’s time-consuming! The biggest benefit of automating vehicle advertising using a dealer management software is it reduces advertising time.

In the click of a button, Motor Dealers can create, choose multiple advertisers that they want to send their advertisements to and schedule when you want to send it. By automating the process, dealers will never need to perform duplicate data entry tasks again. The less time your team needs to spend creating vehicle advertisements, the more time they will have to concentrate on closing sales.

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2. Reduces the Risk of Error

Whenever you perform a task manually, there is a high risk of error. Vehicle Advertising is an extremely sensitive process, making one slight error can cause major issues and impact on lead acquisition and costs. Another benefit of Automating Vehicle Advertising is you reduce the risk of error.

For the most part, vehicle advertising errors are caused due to staff having to perform duplicate data entry tasks. With an automated process, your team will only ever need to create one vehicle advertisement and select which advertisers you would like to send the advertisement to. As you avoid having to manually create advertisements for different advertisers individually, you will significantly reduce the risk of error and higher costs.

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3. Better Staff Productivity

As a Motor Dealer, one of your biggest priorities is to maximise staff productivity. The more productive your staff are, the more revenue you will generate. Advertising is one of the most time-consuming tasks and often takes salespeople away from their primary role of selling vehicles.

Using an automated advertising solution will create better staff productivity. Your staff won’t need to waste time creating advertisements and performing administration tasks, they can solely focus on communicating with leads once they are produced from your advertising.

4. Centralises Advertising in One Area

One of the biggest problems with advertising manually is nothing is central. To find out your return on investment, see leads generated and overall traction, you will need to login to each advertisers website individually.

Automating your dealerships advertising through a dealer management software like EasyCars centralises your entire advertising in one central location. To get key insights, spends and lead information from all advertisers dealers only need to log into the dealer management software.

5. Increases Sales

Automating your advertising will ultimately increase your sales. Automated your advertising using a DMS will get your advertisements online and reaching car buyers far quicker than it would when creating them manually. The quicker your dealership can get vehicle advertisements online, the quicker you can reach potential interested car buyers.

With an automated advertising system implemented, the only task your staff will need to do is concentrate on communicating and negotiating with inbound leads.

Final Word,

Advertising is one of the most important dealership tasks. By automating your advertising through a dealer management software, your dealership will streamline the entire advertising process, increase efficiency, and maximise sales.

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