Why UAE Car Dealerships MUST Have a Website

14 Dec 2021 Website

95% of Emirati Car Buyers use the internet to find their next vehicle. Furthermore, 55% of Emiratis visited a dealerships website prior to attending in person. These numbers only say one thing! UAE Car Dealerships MUST have a Dealer Website.

Let’s face it, there isn’t a day that goes by where we don’t use the internet to look for things to buy. As UAE Car Buyers shift to online as their preferred method of information, a dealer website is something your dealership just can’t do without in 2021.

Here are 5 Reasons Why UAE Dealerships MUST have a Website in 2021.

1. Increases your Dealerships visibility

There is no better or cheaper platform to market your vehicles than your own Dealership Website. Put yourself in your intended customers shoes, if you don’t have a website how will they find out about your dealership? How would they know what your selling? How will they know where you are located? The answer is they couldn’t.

A Dealership Website increases your dealerships visibility to potential customers in your local area. Using search engines like Google and Bing, potential car buyers can easily locate your dealership website, find out what cars you are selling, and where your dealership is located.

2. Builds trust with your customers

Trust is a massive factor when it comes to buying cars. 75% of Car Buyers fear being sold a lemon. To put it simply, Emirati Car Buyers will only buy from a dealership that they trust.

A Dealership website makes it easy to build trust with potential customers. One of the key benefits of a Dealership Website is they include a dedicated Customer Review section. A customer review sections gives potential customers the ability to read past customer reviews, testimonials, and experiences.

81% of Car Buyers base their buying decision on a dealerships online reviews. Think about it. Would you buy from a dealership that has no online reviews?

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3. Gives Customer Flexibility

A dealer website is often a customers’ first point of contact with your dealership. If your dealership is not online, you’re making a potential customer’s process so much harder.

It’s no secret that Emiratis are very busy people. Many Emiratis may not be able to attend your dealership during business hours. A dealership website gives potential customers complete flexibility to research and enquire about your vehicles at a time that suits them best.

4. The Competition is Online

If you don’t have a dealership website, there is a very high chance your competition does.

Put it this way, if a potential customer is searching online for car dealers in the UAE and your dealership doesn’t appear but your competitors do, there is a very high chance they will go with them.

5. Customers Expect a Dealership Website

45% of Car Buyers won’t even consider buying from a dealership that doesn’t have a website. Having a website is a customer expectation in 2021. If you don’t have a dealer website potential customers may be sceptical about your dealership and may wonder if you are legitimate.

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