What Customers Look For In A Dealership

08 Oct 2021 Helpful Tips

As a dealership owner, you are always looking for different ways to grow sales and maximise profit. Buying and selling cars in the UAE is competitive, if your dealership doesn’t have all the things that customers look for, you could risk falling behind the competition.

Sure, selling great quality cars at the best price is vital but there is a lot more things customers in the UAE look for before choosing a dealership.

Here’s the 4 main things that UAE car buyers look for in a dealership:

Exceptional customer service

It may be dead obvious, but you would be surprised how many dealerships don’t do the simple things for customers. 85% of car buyers in the UAE feel stress when looking to buy a car. To grow your sales, you need to provide customers with exceptional customer service!

Your sales process must be easy! From the time a customer walks into your dealership to the time they drive out they shouldn’t feel stressed about purchasing a car. Empathise with the customer, give them your opinion on a car and offer them the best price. Anything that makes your customers buying process easier, do it!

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Online reviews

81% of customers won’t buy from a dealership with no online reviews. Before spending a lot of money on a car, car buyers want to see what your dealership has done for others.

Put yourself in your customers shoes, would you buy from a dealership that has no online reviews? Cars are expensive, buyers want to know about who they are buying off and if they trustworthy. Car buyers are fearful of buying a car with problems.

To grow your dealership, you need to have online reviews. Online reviews can be added to your Google business page, Facebook page, or your dealer website.

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Dealer Website

To put it simply, if your dealership doesn’t have a website, you’re losing sales! Recent statistics show that 95% of car buyers start their research online instead of at a dealership.

To acquire customers, your dealership must have a website that customers can use to view, learn, and enquire about your stock. The benefit of a dealership website is it gives customers flexibility. Customers can learn about your dealership 24/7 instead of having to physically attend your dealership within business hours. If your dealership doesn’t have a website, you run the risk of losing customers to competitors who do.

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Let’s face it, customers will go to the dealership that offers the best price. If your cars aren’t priced competitively, you will lose customers. We get it! As a motor dealer you need to have a margin on your vehicles to pay your overheads. But if your prices are too far greater than those of the competition, customers will go elsewhere.

To stay ahead, you need to research the competition and the prices they are offering customers. Find a way to match or even better the prices they are offering customers. As the saying goes – keep your customers close but your competitors closer. The way you analyse your competition can make or break your dealership.

Before making any changes to vehicle pricing it is highly recommended that you consult with your accountant to make the best business decision.

In conclusion,

Take care of your customers and they will take care of you. To be successful in the UAE, you need to make things fast and easy. Using the tips mentioned above your dealership will go along way to retaining and acquiring customers for your dealership.

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