What Software Do Motor Dealers in the UAE Need?

18 Oct 2022 Helpful Tips

Are you looking to start a Motor Dealership in the UAE? To run a successful Motor Dealership in the UAE you will need to have the right systems in place that automate daily tasks and maximize growth.

Here are 5 essential software’s that Motor Dealers in the UAE need to operate successfully.

1. Dealer Management Software

The first and most important software that all dealers need is a Dealer Management Software (DMS). A Dealer Management Software is a Motor Industry specific, management software that automates the daily task of running a Dealership.

A Dealer Management Software is a central software that manages key dealership tasks like Vehicle Stock Management, VAT Calculations, Vehicle Advertising and Business Reporting.

The benefit of using a dealer management software is it will maximize dealership efficiency and reduce expenditure.

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2. Accounting Software

Your dealership will need an accounting software to look after the financial side of the business. The accounting package that your dealership chooses MUST carter for Motor Sales, Commissions and Dealership specific VAT.

It is recommended that your dealership chooses an accounting package that integrates with your dealer management software. The benefit of having an integrated accounting system is information will automatically transfer from the program of entry to the other integrated program once entered.

The benefit of having an integrated solution is it removes the need to perform duplicate data entry tasks, saves your dealership time and centralizing your operations.

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3. Dealer Website

To buy and sell cars in the UAE, you need to have a Dealership Website. A Dealership Website is your dealerships own online showroom. Your dealership website will show off the vehicles that you are selling.

Before you implement a dealership website it is important that you understand what features car buyers look for. There is no point having a dealership website if it doesn’t do what customers need it to do. Before you publish your website make sure you test it out on close friends or family to make sure it does what it is intend it to do.

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4. Payment System

Your dealership needs to have a Payment System that allows you to charge and accept customer payments for your vehicles.

There are many payments provider software’s available in the UAE. It is highly recommended that your dealership researches and understands the differences between each software provider prior to joining.

Each payment provider will have their own terms and conditions and prices may vary. It is best practice to choose the provider that best suits your dealership’s unique needs. The lowest price shouldn’t be your dealerships primary deciding factor!

5. Online Profiles

To grow a customer base your dealership needs to have dedicated online pages where car buyers can find, view, and enquire about your vehicles.

Some of the key online profiles that your dealership needs to have to trade successfully include:

  • Google Business Listing
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Instagram Page
  • WhatsApp page and number

The benefit of having a strong online presence is it gives you the ability to reach relevant car buyers who live within a close radius to your dealership and are looking for a vehicle online.

Final Word,

To run a Motor Dealership successfully in the UAE you need to have the right software systems in place. The 5 software’s presented are essential for running a Motor Dealership in the UAE in 2022.

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