What Skills & Qualifications You Need to Become a Car Dealer in the UAE

31 Jan 2023 Helpful Tips

Do you want to become a Car Dealer in the UAE and are not sure what skills or Qualifications you need?

EasyCars UAE has put together a complete list of the certain skills and qualifications you need to become a successful Motor Dealer in the UAE.

Let’s get into it.

1. Commercial License

To buy and sell cars in the UAE, it is a government requirement that you apply for and gain a Commercial License. Commercial Licenses are available for one year and will need to be renewed annually. You can apply for a Commercial License through the RTA.

When applying for a Commercial License it is important that you indicate that you are applying to be an authorized car dealership as some Motor Trading licenses differ. It is also important that you understand how you are going to sell cars, for example if you are importing vehicles to sell you will need to obtain a specific license for vehicle import selling. You will need to clearly outline what type of Motor Vehicle selling you intend to do on your Commercial License Application.

To register for a Commercial License in Dubai click here.

2. Sales Training

The main role and responsibility of being a Car Dealer is to Sell Cars to Customers. As such, it is important that you know how to sell. While it is not mandatory, to better position yourself for selling cars you should consider enrolling in a short online sales course.

The benefit of completing a short sales training course is it will educate you on the selling process and what you should do in different situations to close a sale. You don’t need to enroll in a fulltime sales course to build the required skillset.

There are hundreds of short sales courses available online, many of which will allow you to complete the course in your own time and at your own pace. Completing a sales training course will help prepare yourself for the daily activities of running a car dealership.

3. Learn About the Industry

Selling Cars is much different to selling other products. With that being said, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the UAE Automotive Industry and how dealers go about selling cars to customers. The more knowledge you build, the more prepared you will be when you eventually start your own car dealership.

4. Gain Hands On Experience

The best way of learning how to become a car dealer is to see how current dealers operate firsthand. If you are looking to become a car dealer it is always good idea to try to gain some work experience or limited time employment with a current motor Dealership.

Reach out to some of your local dealerships and see if they offer any work experience options. The benefit of doing work experience at a dealership is you will learn firsthand how a dealership operates, what you need to do and how dealers go about selling to customers. Gaining hands on experience is the best way to prepare yourself for the day-to-day life of running a motor dealership.

5. Be Flexible

To be a Car Dealer in the UAE you need to be flexible. The standard working hours for a Car Dealer differs greatly to the standard 9-5 working hours. If you are looking for a standard 8 hour working day, a motor dealer is not a job for you!

Most dealerships operate 7 days a week, with Saturday and Sunday being the busiest. To become a dealership, you need to be flexible with your working hours and expectations. Some periods of the week will be quiet and other periods of the week will be busy.

Final Word,

There are no required qualifications or degrees needed to become a Car Dealer in the UAE. The best way to become a car dealer is to learn the ins and outs of the industry, familiarize yourself with the sales process, gain hands on experience and be flexible.

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