What Features Does A Dealer Management System Have?

08 Nov 2022 Helpful Tips

Thinking about implementing a Dealer Management Stem (DMS) but not sure what features it has or how it will benefit your dealership? Don’t worry you are not alone.

This post will introduce you to the common features a Dealer Management System includes and how using a DMS can help streamline your dealerships operations and accelerate growth.

On a side note, if you don’t know what a Dealer Management System is, we have you covered with this explainer article here.

Here are common features of a Dealer Management System.

1. Stock Management

One of the most important daily tasks of running a Motor Dealership is managing Vehicle Stock Inventory Numbers. The first and most common feature that is included in a Dealer Management System is a Stock Management Feature.

A Stock Management Feature helps dealers’ control, manage and report on all their vehicle stock in one central location. The benefit of this feature is dealers can automate the entire stock management process. Dealers can export beneficial management reports in the click of a button which indicates how long individual vehicles have been in stock for and how long it takes for vehicles to sell without having to manually create them.

Using a Dealer Management System will simplify the vehicle stock management process and give you back more time to focus on your biggest priority of buying and selling Motor Vehicles.

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2. Vehicle Advertising

The only way that you are going to be successful buying and selling cars is by advertising your vehicles online to generate leads. One of the most advantageous features included in many Dealer Management Systems is an Automated Advertising Feature.

An Automated Advertising feature allows Motor Dealers to automatically create and send vehicle advertisements to multiple advertisers at once. The benefit of this feature is it removes the need to duplicate the same vehicle advertisement time and time again to each individual vehicle advertising website that you send your vehicle to.

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3. Business Reporting

Strong business reporting is the key to success when running any type of business. If you cannot quickly identify what areas your business is doing well and what areas need improvement, you will quickly run into problems and risk going out of business.

Another common feature included in many dealer management systems is Business Reporting. With data populating in the background as dealers trade, dealerships can quickly export beneficial management reports in the click of a button that identify performance of key areas of the dealership. For example, dealers can export sales reports, commissions reports, lead reports, advertising reports and more in the one platform.

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4. Accounting Integration

Accounting is an essential task for all businesses. A common problem that so many businesses around the world face when it comes to managing their business and their accounting is needing to use multiple different software systems.

One of the biggest benefits of using a Dealer Management system is many have accounting integration. Integrated accounting is the process of combining your accounting software with your dealer management system.

The benefit of having an integrated accounting is data will automatically transfer from the program of entry directly to the other program without requiring any duplicate data work to be performed. Integrated accounting will centralize your dealerships operations into one and ultimately reduce your overall accounting costs.

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5. Dealer Website Integration

One of the most tedious tasks for Motor Dealers in 2022 is having to manually upload and remove vehicle listings from their Dealership Website. The problem with doing this task is it’s time-consuming and carries a high risk of error.

Many Dealer Management Systems offer Dealer Website integrations. When a dealer website is integrated with a Dealer Management System, website listings will automatically upload and remove from the website as you buy or sell. With data automatically updating, dealers won’t need to manually upload or remove vehicle listings again!

Final Word,

Using a Dealer Management System will streamline dealership operations and open doors for future growth. The 5 features mentioned above are common features that are included in many Dealer Management Systems.

Before you choose a Dealer Management System to use, it important that you understand what you want to get from the system and what features you need to operate. Each DMS will differ, so it is important you ask how that provider can help your dealership.

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