Top Social Media Strategies For UAE Car Dealerships

14 Sep 2021 Helpful Tips

Selling cars in the UAE is constantly evolving. As UAE car buyers turn to the internet, it is so important dealers have a strategy in place that captures and converts them into full paying customers.

For UAE motor dealers, the fastest and cheapest way you can acquire customers online is through social media. Literally everyone in UAE uses social media daily. Recent statistics show an eye watering 99.2% of Emirati’s use social media. To put this into perspective no other country in the world has a greater percentage of the population using social media as the UAE does – the opportunities are endless!

Let’s not beat around the bush, if dealerships in the UAE aren’t using social media to their advantage you could be losing thousands in sales. Whether you have social media set up or you don’t, you have come to the right place. EasyCars has put together the top strategies UAE car dealerships can use to grow sales through social media.

1. Tell people about your dealership

I know what you’re thinking? It’s pretty straight forward, but many dealers fail to do the simple things right on social media which only results in the page going nowhere. Think about if you were a customer, what would you want to see when you go on a dealership’s social media page? We get it! You sell cars but if someone sees only posts of just cars it’s not very engaging.

Social media is an open source, you can post anything about your dealership and what may be happening. Do you have new stock? Are you offering a discount? Did you recently sell a great car? Do you have a happy customer review? If you do post it up, let customers learn about your dealership. Anything you think is beneficial for a potential customer post it up, the more the customer knows about your dealership the more likely they are to buy a car from you.

A really successful technique that can be used to increase leads is posting customer reviews. Recent statistics indicate 72% of car buyers will not consider buying from a dealership who doesn’t have online reviews. Before spending a large amount of money on a car, buyers want to know they are in the best hands. We have all heard stories of people buying cars with issues. Posting customer reviews is a massive motivator for a buyer and could translate to higher sales.

2. Post frequently

The biggest mistake dealers make on social media is creating a dealership page and let it sit there to collect dust. There is no point having a social media profile if you don’t post on it. It looks fishy and your page can be downgraded.

To get the best return out of social media you need to post frequently. As mentioned above you don’t need to just post your cars, whatever is happening at the dealership that you think would interest your target market post it up. It is recommended you post something on your social media page every 2-3 days.

The benefit of posting frequently is your page will position higher on your followers timeline.

3. Connect with Your Followers

The purpose of social media is to connect with one another socially. The more you connect with your followers, the greater the benefit you will get out of it. Social media platforms favour users who connect with their audience quickly. It’s so important that your dealership responds to any enquires in a quick manner.

4. Offer a discount

In the UAE everyone loves a discount! To get the best out of social media you need to offer users something your competitors cannot. Offering a discount or running a promotion is a fast and easy way to standout on social media.

5. Ask customers to “check in”

A great way to grow your dealership’s exposure is by requesting visitors who visit your dealership to check into your page on social media. When a user checks in to a particular business on social media a notification will appear on that users’ page and timeline. Even if their friends don’t go through and follow your page you will still earn great exposure for your brand.

Final Word,

Social media is such a massive opportunity for dealers in the UAE. With the highest percentage of population using social media there has never been a better chance to grow leads and sales. Using the strategies mentioned above your dealership can go a long way at growing follower numbers and increasing total leads.

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