The Effects Of Manual Tasks On Your Dealership

13 Jul 2021 Helpful Tips

We know how you feel, as a car dealer in the UAE there is often a thousand things to do in a short pace of time. You may feel the process that you are currently using is sufficient but, the manual management process you are using is in fact draining your cashflow and limiting your dealerships profitability.

Here’s some of the effects manual tasks have on car dealerships in the UAE.

1. It’s time consuming

Managing your dealership manually time consuming. Research shows that the average car dealership wastes more than 187 minutes per week on manual data entry. It takes time to input data and locate files, on top of that you need to be focused and not make a mistake.

Losing over 3 hours of time each week on tasks that can be automated is crazy! With car competition growing and customers seeking something more, wasting hours of time on manual tasks could be stalling your dealerships growth.

2. It is hard to manage

The problem with completing tasks manually is they are hard to manage. Manually sorting through countless amounts of documents, VAT compliance forms, invoices, overheads, and vehicle information is so difficult. And when you are trying to complete these tasks manually there is such a high chance of error. When it comes to VAT calculations the slightest mistake can cost your dealership thousands in penalties.

3. Not all information is correct

Sure, even though you have looked over the documents and it all looks correct, you can’t be 100% certain that you haven’t made the slightest mistake.

As humans we make unintentional mistakes, but when operating a dealership this could have serious impacts on your cashflow. For example, if you complete a sales invoice wrong you could lose a customer completely. It takes years to build dealership reputations, but it can take one small mistake to lose it.

4. It's outdated

A lot has changed in the UAE motor industry in the last 12 months. With that being said the way cars were sold 10 years ago isn’t the same way that they are sold now. The system that you are using now could be restricting your dealerships future growth. As a dealer you want to make the sales process as easy as possible for car buyers and your staff.

For any business you need to adapt to be successful. This means you need to have the best available tools that automates everyday tasks and frees you up to grow your dealership sales and profit. Manual tasks are avoidable and can be simplified using a dealer management system.

5. Doesn’t integrate to any management systems

Manual tasks or spreadsheets don’t sync with management systems. This in turn forces you to enter duplicate data into different systems to get an accurate overview of your dealership and it’s growth.

The problem with this is it restricts your ability to quickly understand the position of your dealership.  

We get it, making changes to a process that you have been using for years is hard. The most common resistance to making a change is either cost, or not knowing how to use the system. This is where a solution like EasyCars can help!

Where EasyCars can help?

EasyCars is a simple and adaptable dealer management system that simplifies and automates the day-to-day task of running a car dealership in the UAE.

EasyCars automates all your everyday tasks such as stock management, VAT calculations, Advertising, Website listings, integrated accounting and so much more.

From the dealership principal to the everyday car salesman – every EasyCars feature is easy to use and easy to learn. We customise our packages to meet your dealerships unique needs. You only pay for what you use!

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