The Benefits of a Dealer Management System

09 Nov 2023 Helpful Tips

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In the digital world of today, it’s vital that as a successful automotive dealer you implement a dealer management system to ensure that your dealership runs smoothy. Your dealer management system will streamline everyday tasks, like stock management, advertising, and the entire sales process! Selling a vehicle just got a whole lot easier, who knew selling a car could be done by the click of a button? It doesn’t stop there, with the right DMS, like EasyCars, you can guarantee all your forms will be compliant with legal standards at all times.

Efficient Advertising

You’re not going to have the time as an automotive dealer to individualise ads for each vehicle on multiple advertisers, one option that’s going to benefit you significantly that only a dealer management system can do for you is send off your feeds to multiple advertisers just by clicking one button. All you need to do next is finalise the purchase. Everything is automated for you!

Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads is a great way to target the right audience and at the most affordable price. Of course, running a car dealership; you will need to be accessible. You're going to want to reach the local audience, Facebook's local awareness ads will allow you to reach people close to your dealership. These ads are useful for promoting sales, or any exclusive offers you’re running.

Furthermore, Google Vehicle Listings Ads are an excellent avenue for showcasing your vehicles to the largest number of car buyers. Let's face it, not everyone uses social media. How will your dealership be able to target buyers who don't use Facebook or Instagram?

Google has expanded their offering for motor vehicles. Using Google Vehicle Listing ads, your dealerships vehicles will be showcased at the top of a google search when a customer searches for a particular car!

By far one of the greatest benefits of Google Vehicle Listing Ads is your dealership can correspond with customers via your website as all ads are directed there, thus making the buying, and selling process extremely easy.

Choose a Dealer Management System like EasyCars that automates your compliance process!

As a motor dealer, we understand that it’s an extremely busy industry so keeping up with all the ever-changing regulations on the government forms on your own is going to be difficult and not to mention, time consuming.

If you are managing your compliance forms manually, you are making room for mistakes- this is one thing you should not be doing while running a dealership! Government compliance is highly sensitive, and the changes are constant. Therefore, one minor error can cost your dealership big money in compliance forms and a potential loss of dealer license.

Ensure that you’re choosing the right DMS, in some cases all government forms may not be available. It’s something worth double checking when you’re searching for the right management system for your dealership. Easy Cars will have all government forms available and when new updates are released, they are continuously updated in the back end.

Website Integration

We all know why a website is detrimental for business growth. Integrating your website with your dealer management system is going to streamline your business process’ for you. Aren’t you tired of manually uploading all your vehicle listings? How are your potential buyers going to know whether a specific vehicle is available or not?

It’s extremely easy to lose track of what you’re buying and selling when you don’t have a DMS integrating all relevant information over to your website for the public to see exactly what has been sold and what is currently available. All training will be provided so you won’t have to worry about learning how to navigate your website and integration all by yourself.

Integrated Accounting

As an automotive dealer in the automotive industry you would already know how costly it can be having an accountant or bookkeeper on site managing all the financials. The more time your accountant needs to complete a job, the more you’re out of pocket.

The accounting procedure will be streamlined, and the expense of your accountants will be decreased, if you use a Dealer Management System. Leading accounting programs like Xero and MYOB can be integrated with Dealer Management Systems. All financial data will be transferred from program to program eliminating the need for duplicate data entry. Integrated accounting will free up additional time for you by reducing the amount of time your accountant needs to complete tasks.

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