Practices UAE Car Dealers Need to Break to be More Efficient

23 Dec 2021 Helpful Tips

It’s never easy changing a practice that you have been using for years. As a Motor Dealer in the UAE, you have certain management practices that you do every day. But did you know that some of the common practices you perform could be impacting the success of your dealership?

Here are 5 Practices UAE Car Dealers Need to Break to be More Efficient.

Managing Stock Manually

Are you still managing your car stock manually? Stock Management is a necessary, everyday dealership task, but if your dealership is still managing stock manually; you are impacting your dealerships efficiency.

To be successful buying and selling cars in the UAE, Dealers need to automate car stock management through a Dealer Management System. The benefit of using a dealer management system for Stock Management is it automatically updates and compiles management reports of your vehicle stock as you buy and sell.

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VAT Compliance

VAT Compliance is arguably the most important part of running a motor dealership in the UAE. Since inception in 2018, VAT has been a common frustration for motor dealers in the UAE, largely because VAT laws for motor dealers greatly differ to general VAT. If your dealership is calculating and completing VAT manually you are increasing your risk of receiving a compliance fine.

Using EasyCars dealer management system, UAE motor dealers can automate the entire VAT Compliance process. EasyCars automatically calculates VAT specifically for the UAE motor industry, syncs to leading accounting package Xero and compiles VAT reports for easy submission to the FTA.

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Creating Individual Advertisements

One of the biggest mistakes UAE Car Dealers make is creating and sending the same vehicle advertisement to different advertisers manually.

To increase your dealerships efficiency, UAE motor dealers need to Automate their advertisement process. Using EasyCars Dealer management system, dealers can customise and automatically feed ads to large UAE advertisers including Dubi Cars, Yalla Motor and YOSR at once.

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Listing Car Stock on your Website Manually

A common task that many dealers in the UAE do is manually updating car listings on their Dealer Website. The problem with listing car stock on your website manually is it’s time-consuming and there is a high risk of error.

A benefit of using EasyCars Dealer Management System is it integrates to your Dealer Website. Your online vehicle listings will automatically update as you buy and sell – You don’t need to do anything.

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Using Multiple Systems to Manage the Dealership

The most inefficient thing you can do in the UAE motor industry is using multiple systems to manage your dealership! Think about it, you need to between different systems to complete simple everyday management tasks, sounds crazy right?

A Dealer Management System like EasyCars, centralises your dealership operations in one industry specific management program. As all key dealership information and tasks are centralised in the one application, you won’t need to waste time going back and forth between systems to complete simple management tasks.

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Final Word,

To conclude, it’s never easy to break a practice that you have used for years. But, with the UAE Automotive Industry continuing to change, dealers need to invest in tools that automate common administration tasks and open doors for future growth.

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