New Trends Changing the UAE Motor Industry in 2022

27 Apr 2022 Helpful Tips

The UAE Motor Industry has changed so much in the past two years. The way dealers bought and sold cars two years ago are much different to the way they do it today. As a Motor Dealer in the UAE, it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends in the industry. As we progress further into 2022 there are a few trends that are changing the way Motor Dealers in the UAE operate and open the doors for greater profitability.

Here are 3 Trends Changing the UAE Motor Industry in 2022.

1. Digital Vehicle Sales

One of the biggest trends changing the way Motor Dealers around the world operate in 2022 is Digital Vehicle Sales. Over the last two years, the traditional face-to-face car sales process was minimised due to covid restrictions and social distancing. As such, dealers have had to transition from a face-to-face sales process to an online digital channel to be able to trade and generate revenue.

The Digital Vehicle sales trend allows dealers to complete the entire vehicle sales process online without having to meet the customer face to face. Using digital applications like a Dealership Website, Motor Dealers can present virtual vehicle tours, organise customer financing over the phone, complete sales contracts online and organise vehicle delivery to the customer’s own address without having to meet the customer in person. The entire process can be completed seamlessly online!

What makes the digital vehicle selling trend such a massive opportunity for Motor dealers in the UAE is it minimises dealership costs, maximises profitability and expands your audience to customers who live outside your dealership’s radius.

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2. Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads

Facebook is the largest lead generator for Motor Dealers in the UAE. There is no understating the power Facebook has on the UAE Market. Currently there are 7.85 million registered Facebook users in the UAE. To put this into perspective, the UAE has the highest percentage of total population using the platform in any country around the world. A new trend that is revolutionising the way dealers gain leads through Facebooks is Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads.

Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads are automated vehicle advertisements that use your dealerships website vehicle listings and Facebook data to automatically display vehicle advertisements to specific, interested car buyers that live within a close radius to your dealership on Facebook – The perfect lead.

The reason why Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads are such a hot trend in the Motor Industry is because they are dynamic, which means a dealerships Facebook advertisement automatically updates in the background as you buy and sell without you or your team needing to do anything!

To learn more about Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads click here.

3. Same Day Finance

Finance has always been one of the most important parts of the Car Sales process. The Car Finance options your dealership has can make or breaks a deal. One of the fastest rising trends many Motor Dealers around the world have been taking advantage of is same day finance.

Offering a same day finance option for customers speeds up the sales process, maximises cashflow and gives customers the ability to drive out with the vehicle the want the same day they see it. The quicker your customer can get finance, the more deals your dealership will close, it’s that simple!

Final Word,

To be successful buying and selling cars in the UAE, dealers need to keep on top of new and emerging trends in the industry. The 3 trends mentioned above are changing the way motor dealers in the UAE operate in 2022.

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