How Using a Dealer Management Software Helps Car Buyers

02 Jun 2022 Helpful Tips

It may shock you to hear that using a Dealer Management Software has a significant impact on Car Buyers in the UAE. Car Buyers are by far the most important part of your dealership, without them, you don’t have a business.

A Dealer Management Software (DMS) is a cloud-based management software designed specifically for Motor Dealers. A DMS automates many of the daily tasks of operating a motor dealership in the UAE. The best way to describe a DMS is it is core of your dealership; all the tasks your dealership does will flow through the software.

A DMS simplifies your customers buying process, reduces your overheads and maximises growth. Here’s how.

Simplifies the Buying Process

To be successful buying and selling cars in the UAE you need to have a fast, easy, and stress-free buying process. One of the key benefits of using a Dealer Management Software is it streamlines the buying process for car buyers.

Using a DMS, dealers can completely automate the car buying process. Tasks like, quotes, sales proposals, invoicing, VAT calculations and contracts can be completed autonomously in the background as you trade. The faster and easier your dealership’s buying process is for customers, the more customers you will get to convert.

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VAT Compliance

Since introduction, VAT has been a massive challenge for Motor Dealers in the UAE. The reason why VAT is so difficult to understand for Motor Dealers is it greatly differs to general VAT laws. Making one slight mistake during the VAT compliance process can cost your dealership thousands in penalties.

A benefit of using a dealer management system like EasyCars, is it automates complex dealer-specific VAT Calculations. Using EasyCars, complex VAT is calculated automatically, transferred to your sales documents and populates reports without you needing to do anything. Using a DMS Motor Dealers in the UAE won’t need to worry about providing incorrect VAT calculations to customers and the FTA.

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Accurate Online Vehicle Listings

Your Dealer Website is the most important lead generating tool in 2022. One of the biggest mistakes many car dealers make is advertising vehicles on their website that are no longer available. The problem with this is when a customer enquires you need to turn them away. Often, when this happens, the customer will never want!

This is where a DMS is so advantageous. Using a DMS like EasyCars, online website vehicle listings update automatically as you buy and sell. As information is centralised in the one platform, information syncs directly from the management software directly to your website in the background as you trade. Dealers don’t need to manually upload or remove listings after they buy or sell.

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Flexible Car Advertising

Car Advertising is always going to be one of the most important tasks for motor dealerships. Similarly, to the point mentioned above, many dealers fail to remove online vehicle advertisements that are no longer available. The last thing your dealership wants is to be paying for leads that cannot convert as the car they are interested in is no longer available.

A dealer management software also automatically updates your vehicle advertisements as you buy and sell. Every time you mark a car off as sold in your dealer management software, advertisements for that particular car will stop sending to the selected advertiser. The benefit of this is your dealership won’t spend any unnecessary money on advertisements and customers won’t have a negative experience.

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Final Word,

There’s no understating the importance a Dealer Management Software has on both your dealership and car buyers. Using a Dealer Management software like EasyCars will streamline your dealerships operations, reduce costs, and enhance the car buying experience. A DMS is the best tool available for UAE Motor Dealers in 2022.

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