How UAE Motor Dealers Can Personalize Sales & Marketing

20 Sep 2022 Helpful Tips

Personalisation is the key to selling Motor Vehicles in the UAE. If a prospective buyer feels like they are talking to an automated system or someone who cannot be bothered to learn their name, they will go elsewhere. To convert leads into full paying customers, Motor Dealers in the UAE need to personalize their sales and marketing process to tailor for each individual buyer.

Here’s how UAE Motor Dealer Can Personalize Sales & Marketing.

1. Collect Customer Details

The only way that your dealership is going to be able to personalise sales and marketing is by collecting potential buyers’ information.

When a potential buyer attends your dealership try to gain their primary contact details like their name, primary phone number and their email address. By collecting a prospects primary contact information, your dealership will have the ability to create personalized marketing and sales proposals to send to them in the future.

2. Learn about the Prospective Buyer

To create a personalized sales and marketing content, your dealership needs learn as much about prospective buyers as possible.

When a prospective buyer visits your dealership, find out what they are looking for, what their budget requirements are and when they are planning to purchase. Once you understand the buyer’s position, you will be able to create specific tailored sales and marketing proposals for them. The last thing your dealership wants to do is to send a prospective buyer a proposal or marketing piece about a vehicle that they are not interested in or that is out of their price range.

3. Plan your Sales & Marketing

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. The key to having strong personalized sales and marketing is planning. Your dealership needs to understand what and when to send something to a prospective buyer. If you send too many communications you risk putting a buyer off and on the flip side, if you send too little you risk having them move on to someone else.

It is so important that your dealership picks your send times wisely. Studies have found the best time to send sales and marketing content is between 1 to 2 weeks depending on where the prospect is in the buying journey. Try to avoid jumping right into sending sales emails. Try to build a relationship with the prospect. Once they have confirmed their interest, begin sending them relevant vehicles that you are selling that may be of some interest to them.

4. Chat with Prospects in Real Time

Studies show that dealerships that respond to leads in five minutes or less are 100x more likely to convert opportunities than those who delay. To create the best personalised marketing and sales process and to maximise conversions, your dealership needs to connect with prospective buyers as soon as possible.

The benefit of connecting with leads right away is you are getting them while they are hot and interested in your vehicles. The longer you leave it, the more risk there is of them moving onto another seller.

5. Send Personalized Campaigns & Proposals

Now comes the most important part. Once you have gained knowledge about the prospect, have their best contact details, it’s time to start connecting and sending personalized campaigns.

When you start sending personalized sales and marketing material to prospects, make sure you address each individual prospect by their first name, last name, and refer to anything that you may have discussed with them in the past. This way they will know they are receiving a personalized email and not the typical mass marketing piece that was sent to others.

Final Word,

To be successful selling cars in the UAE, your dealership needs to personalise your sales and marketing for each individual prospect. The 5 strategies mentioned above are a few great ways your dealership can personalise sales and marketing.

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