How UAE Motor Dealers Can Make the Car Buying Process Easier

09 Aug 2022 Helpful Tips

It may surprise you to hear, but your dealership’s sales process plays a huge role in determining whether a customer buys from your dealership or not. To generate sales, Motor Dealers in the UAE need to simplify the car buying process for customers.

Here are 5 Ways UAE Motor Dealers Can Make the Car Buying Process Easier for Customers.

1. Have A Strong Online Presence

95% of Emirati’s use the internet to find their next car. To enhance the car buying process, your dealership needs to have a strong online presence where customers can search and learn about the vehicles you are selling without having to attend your dealership physically.

To have a strong online presence your dealership needs to have a Dealership Website, Facebook Page, WhatsApp Page and a Google Business listing. Research shows 80% of the car buying decision happens before a customer attends the dealership, so it is so important that your dealerships online presence is strong enough to convince buyers to buy with you instead of other sellers.

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2. Offer Free Car Reports

When it comes to buying a car, trust is the most important factor. If a customer doesn’t trust your dealership, they will buy from another dealership. The best way to build trust and enhance the buying process is to offer customers free car reports.

Car Buyers biggest fear is buying a car with issues. By offering customers a free car report which indicates the history of the vehicle, shows that your dealership is looking out for their best interests.

One of the best lead generating strategies your dealership can use to build trust is by offering a downloadable car report on each of your dealership websites vehicle listings, this way customers can see a history of the vehicle they are interested in whilst they are researching online.

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3. Offer Competitive Dealer Finance Options

One of the most important parts of the car buying process is finance. Many car buyers cannot buy without having access to finance from a lender. To enhance the car buying process, dealers in the UAE need to offer fast and competitive finance options for customers.

If your dealership offers fast and competitive finance options, customers will be more likely to buy from you because it’s easier than finding finance on their own. The benefit for your dealership is the more finance deals you sell, the more revenue you will make, it’s a win-win. The better your dealerships finance options, the better your sales process will be.

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4. Automate VAT

VAT is arguably the most important and challenging part of the car buying process. Making one small mistake on VAT compliance can have major impacts on your dealership and more importantly the customer.

The best way to enhance the car buying process is to automate the VAT compliance process. The benefit of automating VAT is it reduces the risk of error on both your part and the customer’s part. By automating VAT, you will streamline the sales process and reduce the risk of costly fines and errors.

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5. Sell Additional Options

Selling Additional options is a great way to enhance the sales process. One of the best additional on options that your dealership can sell to customers can include extended warranty, longer vehicle registration and a vehicle servicing option. The best part about selling additional options is it creates a brand-new revenue channel for your dealership.

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Final Word,

If your dealership wants to grow sales, you need to make your sales process as fast and as easy as possible for customers. The 5 strategies mentioned above will help your dealership streamline the sales process and make buying a car easy.

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