How UAE Motor Dealers Can Increase Efficiency in 2022

24 Feb 2022 Helpful Tips


The UAE Motor Industry is rapidly changing. The way dealers bought and sold cars 2 years ago is much different to the way they it’s done today. To increase efficiency in 2022, Emirati dealers need to transition their operations from the current labour-intensive process to technology.

Here is how UAE Motor Dealers Can Increase Efficiency in 2022.

Centrally Manage Vehicle Stock

Many Motor Dealers in the UAE make the mistake of managing vehicle stock in multiple programs. The problem with managing vehicle stock on multiple programs is it is time consuming. To increase efficiency, Motor Dealers in the UAE need centrally manage vehicle stock.

Using a dealer management software like EasyCars, Motor Dealers can manage stock simply in one industry specific software. The benefit of centralising stock management on a system like EasyCars is it automates your entire management process. Stock numbers and reports automatically generate as you buy and sell – no more wasting time using multiple programs!

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Automate VAT Calculations

How long do you spend manually calculating VAT? VAT calculations have been a stressful and time-consuming process for all motor dealers since inception in 2018. What makes VAT calculations so difficult is it is Motor Dealer VAT differs from general VAT. Making even the slightest mistake on VAT calculations can cost your dealership over 3,000 AED in compliance fines.

Using EasyCars Dealer Management System, Motor Dealers in the UAE can automate the entire VAT process. EasyCars automatically calculates VAT, syncs to Xero accounting, and generates compliant reports for fast and easy submission to the FTA. EasyCars makes a once stressful VAT process simple!

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Automate Advertising

Vehicle Advertising is the key to success in the Motor Industry. Creating and publishing vehicle ads are a time-consuming but necessary task that all dealers around the world do every day. Vehicle advertising should not take you away from your primary focus of selling great quality cars.

To reduce time spent on the advertising process, UAE Motor Dealers need to automate the advertising process. Using a Dealer management system like EasyCars, dealers can automatically create, schedule, and send vehicle advertisements to multiple advertisers at once without needing to do any duplicate data entry tasks.

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Integrate your Accounting

Accounting has always been time-consuming task for dealerships. A great tool available for Motor Dealers that reduces time spent during the accounting process is Integrated Accounting.

Integrated accounting is the process of syncing financial information from your management system to your accounting software. All financial information syncs instantly and accurately from one program to the other once entered. The benefit of integrated accounting is it removes all data entry tasks for your staff and your bookkeeper. The less time your bookkeeper needs for accounting the less you will have to pay! It’s a win-win.

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Vehicle Website Listings

How often do you need to manually update your websites stock listings? Updating website vehicle listings is a common task that all dealers need to do frequently. To reduce time spent on the vehicle listing process dealers need to integrate their website with their management software.

Using EasyCars Dealer Management System, Website Vehicle listings automatically update as you buy and sell. As data is synced from the management system to the website, everything that you would normally need to do won’t be required – saving you hours of time every week.

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Final Word,

To be successful in 2022, Motor Dealers in the UAE need to reduce time-spent on manual administration tasks and focus on future growth. Using the tips mentioned above your dealership will significantly increase efficiency and receive more time to focus on sales.

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