How UAE Car Dealerships Can Reduce the Impacts of a Staff Shortage

12 Apr 2022 Helpful Tips

As businesses around the world start to transition to the new normal after Covid-19, there is one challenge that will continue to affect businesses for some time to come. That challenge is Staff Shortages.

It’s no matter a case of if, but when your dealership will experience some sort of staff shortage. Research shows 7 in 10 companies worldwide have been impacted by a staff shortage in 2022. If you haven’t already, now is the time to put a plan in place to minimise the impacts a staff shortage will have on your dealership.

Here’s how UAE Car Dealerships Can Reduce the Impacts of a Staff Shortage.

Automate Daily Dealership Tasks Using a Dealer Management Software

Your dealership needs to be able to trade smoothly during an untimely staff shortage. The worst thing about having a staff shortage is many day-to-day dealership tasks either get left undone or delegated to another staff member.

To reduce the impacts of a staff shortage, Motor Dealers in the UAE need to use a Motor Industry specific, dealer management software like EasyCars. EasyCars dealer management software is a cloud-based car dealer application that automates the buying and selling of motor vehicles in the UAE.

Using EasyCars dealer management software, Motor Dealers in the UAE can automate common everyday tasks like vehicle stock management, online vehicle advertising, VAT Calculations, Business Reporting, and Accounting in the one application. The benefit of EasyCars is it minimises time spent on many daily dealership tasks – putting you in complete control during any unforeseen staff shortage.

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Implement Cloud-based Technology

In 2022 it’s essential for all businesses to have cloud-based technology. What would your dealership do if you can’t physically attend the dealership in person? Can your dealership trade remotely? As the UAE Motor Industry continues to change, you need to have systems in place that allow you to trade remotely at anytime and in any place.

Using a Cloud-based technology system, your dealership will be able to login and access vital dealership information remotely. The benefit of having a cloud-based technology system implemented is your dealership will be always in control no matter what may arise.

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Leverage Online Car Sales

Online shopping is the be all and end all in 2022. On the back of the Covid pandemic, consumers have transitioned from the regular face-to-face purchasing to ordering online, and yes this is the same for vehicle sales.

Even if your dealership faces an untimely staff shortage you still need to generate sales to stay solvent. The best way to reduce the amount of work your salesman need to do is leverage online car sales through your Dealership Website. The benefit of having a strong Dealer website is it simplifies the customer buying process. When potential customers arrive to your dealership after visiting your website, they will already know what they want to buy and the price it is for sale for. A Dealer Website will significantly reduce your salesman’s time and maximise conversions.

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Integrated Accounting

Another vital area that your dealership needs to take into consideration is accounting. What happens if your dealership is without your accountant for a certain period of time? Will your dealership be able to cope?

To reduce the impacts of staff shortage, dealers need to have integrated accounting. Integrated accounting is the process of combining your management system with your accounting system and data being shared between the systems concurrently.

The benefit of integrating your accounting is all financial information will instantly sync from your management system to your accounting system without your staff or accounting needing to duplicate or input data. Your accountant will be able to access key dealership financial information remotely and go about their regular tasks without having to attend your dealership.

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Final Word,

Staff shortages are going be a major challenge for all businesses around the world for the foreseeable future. To reduce the impacts of a staff shortage, Motor Dealerships in the UAE need to transition labour processes to technology. The tips mentioned above will greatly help your dealership during any unforeseen staff shortage.

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