How UAE Car Dealers Can Survive Vehicle Stock Shortages

26 Apr 2023 Helpful Tips

The biggest challenge facing the UAE Automotive Industry in 2023 is Vehicle Stock Shortages.

As Vehicle Stock Shortages continue to plague the UAE automotive industry, the only way that your dealership is going to survive is to think outside of the box and find new, creative ways of sourcing vehicles to sell.

Here’s How Car Dealers in the UAE Can Survive Vehicle Stock Shortages in 2023.

1. Introduce a Sell My Car Offering

One of the best ways to survive the on-going vehicle stock shortages is to introduce a Sell My Car Offering. Just because cars are currently hard to come by it doesn’t mean they are impossible to get.

Introducing a Sell My Car feature onto your dealership website gives online sellers the ability to submit their vehicle to your dealership for you to buy. Once you receive a submission, you can provide customers with an instant quote for the vehicle, if they are happy, they may sell it to you instantly.

The key to having a successful Sell My Car offering is making the process fast and easy for customers. Customers should be able to submit their vehicle to your dealership in no longer than two minutes. The easier your sales application is, the more submissions you will receive.

2. Reach Out to Past Customers

To survive vehicle stock shortages, you need to get creative. You need to find ways to source cars with minimal competition. Another creative and successful way to source more vehicles to sell during a vehicle stock shortage is reaching out to your past customers.

Call your past customers, see if they are or know anybody who may be thinking about selling their vehicle. As you have already built a strong relationship with them, they may be more motivated to help you out. To motivate them, think about offering them an incentive. Reaching out to your past customers is one of the best and cheapest ways to source more vehicles to sell in 2023.

3. Take Pre-Orders

Do you have a car on order? If you know that you have a car coming to your dealership in a few weeks or months’ time, think about advertising that vehicle for sale online and introducing pre-order sales.

The benefit of taking pre-orders is it gives your dealership the ability to generate cashflow to help you source more cars to buy whilst you wait. Think about it, if you advertise a car for sale which will be delivered to your Dealership in a few weeks’ time, you may find a customer who is willing to pay or put a deposit down immediately.

If a customer puts money down, it gives your dealership more cashflow to source additional vehicles faster than you normally would if you had to wait for the vehicle to arrive from the supplier before taking payments.

4. Maxmise Trade Ins

Trade Ins have always been a popular and important part of the vehicle buying process. For most people, when they buy a new car, they need to sell their current car. Another successful way to survive vehicle stock shortages is to maximise trade in opportunities.

Vehicle Trade Ins is the process when a customer trades in their current vehicle to lower the cost of their new car purchase. Offering trade ins will give your dealership the ability to source additional vehicles to sell whilst selling some of your other ones. Yes, you may not be getting any greater amount of cars by offering trade ins, but it will give you continuous vehicles to sell instantly without having to wait for a supplier.

5. Visit Vehicle Auctions

Vehicle Auctions have always been one of the most popular ways to source vehicles to sell. Even with the vehicle industry facing stock shortages, many auction companies in the UAE still have vehicles available to bid on and buy instantly.

The downside to visiting a vehicle auction is you will have to compete with other buyers. As an open source, buyers from anywhere will be able to bid on vehicles for sale at a vehicle auction. The problem with this is you risk overpaying.

Before you attend a vehicle auction it is important that you research current vehicle market prices, and you calculate what price you need to source a vehicle for so that you can generate a healthy profit. If a vehicle doesn’t meet your financial requirements, walk away, there is no point sourcing a vehicle to sell if it results in a loss for your dealership.

Final Word,

Even with the UAE Automotive Industry continuing to face Vehicle Stock Shortages, there are ways you can source vehicles to sell cheaply and instantly in 2023. The 5 strategies presented above are a few proven ways UAE Car Dealerships can survive a vehicle stock shortage in 2023.

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