How UAE Car Dealers Can Get Their Vehicles Noticed Online

15 Jun 2022 Helpful Tips

95% of Emirati Car Buyers begin their Car Search Online. To be successful buying and selling cars in the UAE, dealers need to ensure that their vehicles are presented online in the best possible way.

If you are looking to get more traction for your vehicles online, you have come to the right place. EasyCars has put together a few quick and easy ways your dealership can help get more interest online.

Let’s get started.

1. High Quality Images

First and foremost, if you want to see good results online you need to present your vehicles in a way that’s second to none. A mistake that many dealerships make is capturing and displaying low quality vehicle images. The problem with low quality images is it makes it hard for potential buyers to see the vehicles condition and quality.

I know what you’re thinking! You are not a photographer; however high-quality images can be taken by anyone using a smart device. One of the key aspects of taking a high-quality image is the lighting. Ensure you are capturing photos of your vehicle when there is good, strong light. The best time to take vehicle photos is found to be in the middle morning to early afternoon as the sun is shining and shadows are not overly present.

Finally, it is important that your dealership ensures the image is in focus. To focus your image on a smartphone all you need to do is select the object on the screen.

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2. Have a Clean, Uninterrupted Background

The background you use for your vehicle advertisements have a massive impact on traction. Many dealerships make the mistake of capturing vehicles in a parking lot or in their yard often surrounded by other vehicles. The problem with this is it draws the viewers eyes away from the vehicle in focus. The aim of your vehicle photo is to catch the eye of a buyer.

Having a clean and uninterrupted background for your images brings out the vehicle and makes it stand out to online shoppers. A clean background gives emphasis to your vehicles without distracting the buyer.

The best locations to capture vehicle images is a quiet street with no surrounding cars, and in front of your dealership.

3. Ensure your Vehicle is Sized Correctly

Another mistake that many dealers make online is capturing an image where the vehicle is either too far or too close to the camera. Either option will significantly hurt your chances of gaining a lead. To see good results online you need to ensure your vehicles are sized correctly in the image.

Make sure you can see the vehicle in full. Don’t cut off any part of the car. It is important to show potential car buyers the car in its entirety. A good way to determine the size is by giving about a two-centimetre gap on each side of the image. This way nothing is cut off and the vehicle will be displayed in whole.

4. Capture Multiple Angles

This tip is so important! To entice car buyers, you need to show them as much as your vehicle as possible. Many dealers only include a handful of images which in 2022 isn’t enough to convenience a buyer to enquire.

Customers want to see more than just the standard exterior shots. They want to see your vehicle in its entirety. Make sure you capture as many images as possible, include all your regular interior and exterior shots but also include key features like the vehicle’s odometer, dashboard screen, seats, steering wheel controls, spare keys etc. The more images you include online, the more information you give potential car buyers.

5. Ensure you can View the Image on Mobile Devices

Mobile devices equate to almost 75% of website traffic in 2022. To see good results online, it is so important that your vehicle images can be seen clearly on mobile devices. Before you post your images online it a good idea to test what it looks like on a mobile device before you publish it for the world to see.

Final Word,

To get your vehicles noticed online you need to present your vehicles in the best possible way. Remember you are competing with thousands of other listings; you need to do something that makes a customer stop and click on your vehicle! Doing the 5 simple tips mentioned above will greatly help your dealership stand out online.

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