How UAE Car Dealers Can Get More Google Reviews

09 Mar 2022 Helpful Tips


81% of Emirati Car buyers base their buying decision on Google Reviews. With the internet now having a huge effect on the UAE Motor Industry, Google Reviews is something your dealership simply cannot do without.

Make no mistake, growing Google Growing is much easier said than done. To grow your dealerships Google Reviews, you need to have a clear plan in place that encourages customers to leave a review and simplifies the process.

Here’s how UAE Car Dealers Can Get More Google Reviews.

1. Create your Google Business Listing

Before you start seeking Google Reviews from your customers you need to create your Google My Business Profile. Without a Google My Business Listing customers are unable to leave your dealership a review because technically you do not exist in Google’s Database.

When you create your Google Business Listing make sure you add as much information about your dealership as possible – remember Google will be the primary way many prospects will find your dealership so be sure to present your dealership in the best way. Make sure you include your address, contact info, dealership logo, any photos of your dealership and a brief description of the services you provide.

The best thing about creating a Google My Business Listing is it is completely free.

To learn how to create your Google My Business Listing click here.

2. Simplify the reviews process for your customers

This is the most important part! To get more Google Reviews for your dealership you need to simplify the process for your customers. The reason why many dealerships struggle to get customers to leave a review is because the manual process is complicated and time-consuming.

The best way to simply your customers Google Review process is by sending a text reviews link. A Google review text message includes a link to a destination where customers can leave a review. All they need to do is click the link, type in their comments, and press submit. It’s that easy!

To learn how to create a link for your customers to leave a Google Review click here.

3. Timing is the key

Timing is so important for Google Reviews. If you wait too long to ask your customer to leave a Google Review many will often forget or move on.

The best time to ask your customers to leave a Google Review is right after the time of purchase. This way your dealership will be in the centre of the customers minds and they will be motivated to say something nice if you have provided them will a good service and great car.

Add Google Reviews to your sales process, make sure all your staff ask customers to leave a review before they leave the dealership. If the customer says no that’s okay, you can follow up with them later, which brings us right to the next point.

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4. Follow up with customers

It’s always best to follow up with your customers. Wait one, three or six months to follow up with them, this way they can fully experience the benefits of the car that you sold them. As a bonus it shows the customer that you care about their best interests. Something as little as a follow up can be all the motivation a customer leaves to say something nice about your dealership on Google.

5. Offer an Incentive

Sometimes customers might need a little more persuasion to leave a Google Review. With Online Reviews vital for the success of a Motor Dealership you need to do anything in your power to get customers to leave a review. The best way is to offer an incentive or give the customers a gift.

Good examples of gifts can be something as simple as Coffee Mugs, Watches, Gift Cards or Vouchers and Food boxes. If it costs your dealership a little bit of money to get a customer to leave a review it is well worth it!

In Conclusion,

Google Reviews are an essential tool for Motor Dealers in the UAE. To get more leads and sales for your dealership you need to have a strategy set that encourages customers to leave a Google Review. Using the tips mentioned above your Dealership will boost the chances of customers leaving a Google Review.

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