How to use social media to grow your dealership

20 Apr 2021

Statistics show that 75% of car buyers use the internet and social media as their primary source of information for the next car they are looking to buy.

Last year highlighted the importance of the internet and our reliability on social media to communicate with people around the world. To paint the picture, 92% of people in UAE use social media everyday. Because of this, social media has become essential for motor dealers in the UAE.

To help you get started EasyCars has put together a complete guide on all the different social media strategies that you can use to grow your dealership. So, let’s get straight into it!

Frequently post content

A trap that many dealerships fall into is creating a Facebook or Instagram page and just letting it sit there. Put yourself in your intended customers shoes, if they click on your page and see no cars or no updates for an extended period of time, they will think one of two things. They will think your dealership is either closed or that you are not a reputable and professional dealership. In either situation this will heavily impact on your dealerships sales and overall profit.

To stay ahead of your competitors, you should post consistent images of their vehicle stock, any financing options you may have, test drive booking times, recent sales, and past customer reviews, we will go into depth with customer reviews a little bit later.

A key benefit for posting frequent content to your social media pages is that your business page will appear higher on your followers’ timelines. Facebook preferences users who engage with their audience, so if you post frequent and engaging content you are more likely to be seen by your followers within minutes of them logging into the platform.

Personalise your content

A great strategy your dealership should implement to stand out on social media is to personalise the content you are posting to your dealership page. Many dealerships fall into the trap of posting only images of their stock. The problem with doing this is that many dealer vehicle images look the same. This makes it difficult for the user to know who you are and often this leads to the user mistaking your dealership for another.

When posting any content to social media it is a good practice to post images with either your company logo or a border. This makes it easier for potential customers to identify you, stands out from other dealership images and it increases your dealership brand value.

The essential personalised features for your social media pages include:

  • Your dealership logo your profile/ display photo.
  • Your cover photo should be a landscape image of your dealership or an image of the cars in your yard.
  • The about section should include a brief explanation of your dealership, who you are, what services you provide, and most importantly your address and your trading hours.
  • All listings should include information about the car, your contact number and address.

Once the essential features are set up, you can start posting different personalised content to your dealership social media pages. Some good examples of content posts include:

  • Any vehicle stock
  • A car that you may have recently sold
  • Past customer experiences
  • Financing options
  • Test drive times
  • Vehicle tours

and anything in-between.

The main reason you want to personalise your content is to stand out from other competing dealerships.

Encourage people to "check in"

One of the best strategies to use to grow your dealership that is often missed by dealers is to ask your dealership visitors to “check in” on Facebook. The best part of using the check in feature on Facebook is that it is completely free!

When someone checks into your dealership, an update is posted to the individuals timeline, which means, anyone who interacts with that individual can instantly see that they have recently been to your dealership.

This is so beneficial for you as it increases your dealership brand value and opens the door for potential future customers. It’s essentially free advertising for you!

Ask your customers to leave a Facebook review

Statistics show that 81% of customers base their buying decision on your dealerships online reviews, underlining the power that online reviews has on dealerships.

Many dealers are unaware of that Facebook provides a review section for customers.

After you have provided a service to a customer, whether it be sell a car, arrange a test drive or even just provide some advice, you should encourage customers to leave a review on your Facebook page.

Potential customers want to see what your dealership has done for customers in the past before they invest a lot of money into a new car from you.

Leads who come across your page and see countless positive reviews, testimonials or experiences would be more enticed to buy from you as they can see that your trustworthy, have a proven track record and have assisted customers with all their needs in the past.

Promote any offers you may have

Everybody loves a bargain in the UAE! A great way to grow your dealership is by promoting certain offers you may have on any of the vehicles in your yard.

Have a financing offer? Have a brand-new car? Recently lowered the price of a car? Create a post and let your followers know.

Special offers are always a great way to build more followers, attract new leads and maximise sales.

Thank you for reading we hope you enjoyed the post!

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