How to Use Facebook to Generate Leads For Your Dealership

20 Apr 2022 Helpful Tips


Social Media is biggest and cheapest lead generating tool for Motor Dealers in 2022! Think about, there isn’t a day that passes where we don’t use some form of social media for business, leisure, or entertainment. For Motor Dealers in the UAE, there is one social media platform that stands above all others – Facebook.

Facebook’s popularity in the UAE cannot be understated. In 2022, 7.85 million Emiratis have a registered Facebook account. To put this into perspective, the UAE has the largest number of registered users per capita in the world. With so many Emiratis’ using Facebook, the possibilities for Motor Dealerships are endless.

Here’s How UAE Motor Dealerships can use Facebook to generate leads in 2022.

Let’s get started.

Create Your Dealerships Facebook Business Page

First things first, to start generating leads through Facebook your dealership needs to create your own Facebook Business Page. Your Dealership’s Facebook Business page will be the go-to destination for all Facebook users.

Your Facebook Business Page will be the first thing potential car buyers on Facebook will see, so you need to make sure you provide them with as much information as possible. On your Facebook page be sure to include your dealership’s name, location, contact information, the vehicles that you are selling and most importantly a link to your Dealership Website.

Click here to learn how to create a Facebook Business Page.

Grow your Facebook Page Following

There’s no point having a Facebook Business Account if you don’t have followers to engage with. After you have set up your Facebook Business Page get your staff, friends, and family to begin liking the page. Yes, they aren’t going to be customers, but you need to begin growing an audience before you begin promoting the page to customers.

Many businesses make the mistake of trying to promote a page with zero followers, the problem with this is some Facebook users may think your page is spam or an unofficial business, so you need to do everything in your power to get as many likes as possible before you start reaching out elsewhere.

Promote Your Vehicles

To start generating leads through Facebook you need to post content on your page. The content you post on your Facebook business page doesn’t need to be long, short and simple post always work the best.

Posts can be as simple as an image of a car you have for sale, a new car you have gained, a car that may have just been sold, a past customer review, or any promotion you may have. Anything you think is beneficial for potential customers to see, post it on your Facebook business page.

The more content you post on your Facebook Business page, the higher chance you have of receiving leads and enquiries for your vehicles.

Ask visitors to “check in”

One of the best strategies to build lead acquisition through Facebook is asking visitors to check in to your Facebook business page when they arrive at your dealership.

The benefit of asking customers to check into your Facebook business page upon arrival is Facebook creates a notification that informs the friends and followers of the individual who checked that they are attending your dealership. If someone’s friend or family see that they are attending your dealership, they may be more motivated to visit your Facebook page, see what cars you are selling and even enquire to purchase a car.

Click here to learn how to check into a Facebook Business Page.

Ask Customers to leave a review on your Dealerships Facebook Business Page

93% of Emirati Car Buyers base their buying decision on Online Reviews. One of the best strategies to use to gain leads through Facebook is asking customers to leave a review on your Facebook business page.

After you have sold a car to a customer ask them to leave a short comment on your Facebook Business page reviews section. Adding a review is very simple for customers, all they need to do is click on your dealerships business page and write their comments in, that it!

Like the check in feature mentioned above, when a customer submits a review on a business page, all their friends and followers will see the review they gave. If the review is positive some of their friends may access your page and enquire about your vehicles.

To learn how to leave a review on a Facebook business page click here.

Join Facebook Groups and Networks

One of the best things about Facebook is there are thousands of local Facebook Groups available. Facebook groups can be based on different topics, interests, location, literally everything. A great way to generate more leads through Facebook is by joining relevant Facebook groups.

Joining local Facebook groups may give you the opportunity to promote the vehicles you are selling to their exclusive community. The benefit of joining groups is you can reach Facebook users who aren’t followers of your page or friends of your network of people.

Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads

A quick and easy way to generate leads through Facebook is by using Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads. Facebook AIAs are unique, dynamic, online advertisements that serve ads to specific car buyers who are looking for a car on Facebook. What makes Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads so advantageous for dealerships is they are targeted to users who live within a close radius to your dealership – the perfect lead.

Yes, Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads are paid ads so your dealership will need to spend some money. However, budgets can be set to spend no more that AED 10 per day – very minimal figures.

EasyCars offers motor dealers the complete Facebook advertising solution. EasyCars creates, manages, and reports on your entire Facebook Advertisement process – you don’t need to do anything but sit back and watch the leads come in.

To learn more about Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads by EasyCars click here.

Final Word,

Facebook is the largest lead generator available for Motor Dealers in 2022. With so many Emiratis using Facebook daily, the opportunity for your dealership is endless. The strategies mentioned above are great ways your dealership can maximise lead generation through Facebook in 2022.

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