How to Turn Website Visitors into Leads for Your Dealership

18 May 2022 Helpful Tips


Studies show that 95% of Emirati Car Buyers use the internet to research for cars to buy. A Dealership Website is the key to having success selling cars in the UAE in 2022. Though increasing your websites traffic is important, it doesn’t mean anything if they don’t go on to convert into a full paying customer.

Here’s how UAE Motor Dealers can turn website visitors into leads in 2022.

1. Have Key Buying Features

To maximise results through your dealership website you need to have all the features that customers look for. The most important features that customers look for on a dealership website include Car Price, Weekly Repayment Amounts, Car Valuation calculators and Car Reports.

The main aim of a dealership website is to simplify the customers buying process. Having key buying features like a weekly finance repayment calculator helps a customer make a strategic buying decision and understand how much they will need to pay without having to manually calculate the repayments themselves. If customers don’t see all the features they need they will go elsewhere. The more key features your website has, the more likely you are to convert website traffic into genuine interested leads.

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2. Online Reviews

81% of Emirati Car Buyers base their buying decision on a dealership’s online reviews. To be successful buying and selling cars in the UAE your dealership must have online reviews on your dealership website.

Before spending thousands of dollars on a new car, customers want to know that the dealership they are looking to buy from is trustworthy. On your dealership website you MUST have a dedicated section where website visitors can read your dealerships past customer reviews. The benefit of having past customer reviews on your website is it shows all the positive things that your dealership has provided to customers. The more positive reviews you have on your website, the higher the chance you have of converting visitors into leads.

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3. Easy To Use Interface

Your websites usability is the biggest deciding factor in whether leads will convert or not. To generate leads through your dealer website your user interface must be easy to use. When a potential customer accesses your website they should instantly know where to go to find what they are looking for.

The key to having a strong website interface is your homepage. Your homepage should clearly list all the different sections that your website offers. For example, customers should be able to see your cars for sale, your finance options, contact method and most importantly address. If customers have trouble using your website, they will leave and seek other websites that offer an easier experience.

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4. Live Chat Feature

To convert website visitors into leads you need to give the customer as much information as possible. There are boundaries to how much information you can include on your website, therefore there are other ways you can give customers information without requiring them to call or email. The solution – Live Chat.

Live Chat is an option that can be included on a website that gives visitors the ability to communicate directly via a chat box. Th benefit of including a live chat feature is you can answer any additional questions a website visitor may have about anything to do with your dealership. A Live Chat simplifies the customers research process which will ultimately increase your chances of converting them into genuine sales leads.

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5. Up-to-date Vehicle Listings

This is arguably the most important tip, to get website visitors to convert you need to have up-to-date vehicle listings. A massive issue with many dealership websites is they don’t update stock listings. The problem with this is you may have cars advertised that are no longer available.

It is essential that your website automatically updates vehicle listings as you buy and sell. There is nothing more frustrating for potential car buyers than to be interested in car and later finding out it is no longer available. When this happens, they will no longer want to come back to your dealership again. To maximise conversions through your website all information needs to be up-to-date.

Final Word,

There is no point having a dealership website if it doesn’t generate a return on investment. To generate a strong return through your dealership website you need to have all the features that customers look for. The 5 tips mentioned above are a few ways your dealership can convert website visitors into customers in 2022.

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