How to Market Your Car Dealership in the UAE

20 Dec 2022 Helpful Tips

Marketing is an extremely important part of running a Car Dealership. To be successful, your dealership will need to implement different marketing strategies that motivate buyers to choose you over the competition.

Here’s how to Market Your Car Dealership in the UAE.

1. Online Business Listings

One of the best and easiest ways to Market your Car Dealership in the UAE is by listing your dealership online. How do car buyers find a dealership? They go to Google and search for Cars to buy. Ideally you want your dealership to appear at the top of the page. This is where listing your business will help.

By listing your dealership on Google My Business and Bing Places you will make your dealership visible to the millions of car buyers in the UAE when they begin searching for a vehicle to buy. Car buyers can see where you are located, find your business number, access your website, and proceed to enquire about vehicles. Arguably the biggest benefit for businesses is listing your business online is it is completely free!

2. Social Media Profiles

Recent statistics show that a staggering 98% of the UAE population has a registered social media account. To generate leads through social media, your dealership needs to create your own business profile on each major social media platform.

The essential social media platforms that your dealership should create a business page include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • TikTok

Having a business page on each social media page will give people in the UAE the ability to find your dealership and see what cars you are selling whilst using social media. Like business listings, creating a business page on social medias is free and carries no cost.

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3. SEO

Don’t realise the importance of SEO for Car Dealerships? Figures released by Google show that 95% of Car buyers find their next car online instead of attending a dealership.

To increase your dealership’s visibility online, you need to implement a strong SEO strategy that targets relevant keywords that car buyers in the UAE are searching for. Additionally, you will need to ensure your website has a strong user experience and builds links to other reputable websites.

Having a strong SEO strategy will build better awareness, generate more organic (free) traffic, and increase lead acquisition.

4. Referrals

For years, word of mouth was the main way that Car Dealers gained new customers. Even though online has become the go-to lead generating source, Word of mouth and referrals are still a reliable and cheap marketing strategy that you can use to build your customer base.

Think about Implementing customer referral strategies that encourage your current customers to get their friends to purchase from you. Offer incentives, gifts, anything that you can think may get your customers to refer a new customer, do it!

The benefit of building referral leads is they much cheaper to acquire compared to paid advertising.

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5. Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is always a great way to build your customer base. Every dealership will have their own paid advertising strategy, whether it be online vehicle advertisements, Facebook advertisements, Google advertisements or anything in-between.

Implementing paid advertising will instantly put your dealership in front of interested car buyers. Each advertiser will have their own pricing strategy and set up. Before you look to implement paid advertising, it is important that you research each different providers, understand their pricing set ups and terms / conditions.

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Final Word,

The key to running a successful car dealership in the UAE is having strong marketing strategies that convince buyers to choose you over other sellers. The 5 strategies presented are a few proven ways you can market your dealership in 2022!

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