How To Increase Leads For Your Dealership in 2021

07 Sep 2021 Helpful Tips


The number 1 priority for all motor dealers is increasing leads and maximising profit. The UAE motor industry is constantly evolving, the way you sell cars today is a whole lot different to the way you sold cars before covid-19. In the last 12 months we have seen many shifts in buying habits and the ways dealers acquire leads. 

Years ago, word of mouth and reputation were the two main ways dealerships in the UAE grew leads. Since the rise of the internet, online shopping, and vehicle advertising there are many other ways dealers can increase their lead total in 2021.

We know how you feel, keeping on top of the latest trends in the motor industry is hard. As such, EasyCars has put together a quick guide on how dealerships in the UAE can increase leads in 2021.

Use social media to your advantage:

Don’t realise how big social media is in the UAE? Recent statistics showed a whopping 99.2% of Emirati’s use social media. To put this into context the UAE is the world’s most active country on social media. If your dealership isn’t using social media to advertise your stock you are missing out on leads.

What are the essential social media platforms?

Facebook: A day doesn’t go by where we don’t use Facebook. To grow leads for your dealership you need to have an active Facebook business page where potential leads can view your stock, enquire and see what you have done in the past.

If your dealership doesn’t have a Facebook business page set up that is okay. One of the benefits of Facebook is how easy it is to get started. You can get your dealership business page set up within minutes.

Once your page is set up there are many ways you can grow engagement, followers and leads. To read how to use social media to grow your leads click here.

Instagram: A platform that many dealerships in the UAE fail to utilise is Instagram. Many dealerships don’t realise the potential Instagram has on growing leads. Recent studies show 67.1% of the UAE use Instagram.

For dealers in the UAE Instagram is such a great opportunity to reach a massive consumer base. With minimal dealerships in the UAE using Instagram to capture leads this makes it such an appealing avenue. The audience is there all you need to do is implement a marketing strategy to capture their interest.

The biggest benefit of Instagram is its free and can be linked to your Facebook page, making it easy to post content and advertise between programs.

WhatsApp: One of the fastest growing social networking platforms in the UAE is WhatApp. Everyone in the UAE is now using WhatsApp to connect with businesses, family, and friends. Having an active WhatsApp number allows consumers to contact your dealership instantly and easily if they are interested in your stock.

Get a dealership website:

It’s almost impossible to stay competitive in the current market without a dealer website. Recent figures released by Google indicate that 95% of car buyers in 2021 find their next car through the internet instead of at the dealership.

Customers are busier than ever! The benefits of a dealership website is it gives your customers the ability to search for vehicles 24/7. Customers can access your website through Google, search your stock, view the different options available and even purchase through the website itself – simplifying your buying and sales process.

EasyCars has over 38 years’ experience creating unique websites for motor dealers around the world. We understand your vision and know what features are needed to maximise leads and conversions. To find out more about EasyCars dealer websites click here.

Strategic Online Advertising:

Online advertising is often the primary source of leads for dealers in the UAE. However, if your dealership does not report on your advertising spend you could be losing money!

To get the best return on investment dealers need to assess their advertising spend, calculate the leads received and implement the necessary changes to advertisers who don’t provide a return on investment.

Online car marketplaces are constantly growing, listers want your stock and will fight to get them. Some advertisers may even offer reduced fees to get you on their platform. This is a great benefit as you could have your stock on multiple platforms at a reduced price. The more people who see your listings the greater your lead total will be.

Some popular advertisers in the UAE include:

  • Dubi Cars
  • Yalla Motor
  • Dubizzle
  • Car Shop Dubai
  • CarSwitch

To get more leads for your dealership you need to frequently report on your ad spend, use different advertisers and have a clear advertisement in place that grabs car buyers attention.

List your dealership online:

Car buyers use many different search engines to find a car dealership. What one person uses may differ to the next, so it is important your dealership is listed on as many listers as possible. List your business on Google, Yahoo, Yelp and Bing.

What this does is gives your dealership visibility to those consumers who are looking for their next car no matter what search engine they are using. The best thing about listing your business online is it is free!

In Conclusion:

Selling cars in the UAE is forever changing. Like anything your business needs to adapt to remain competitive. Using the tips above dealerships in the UAE can maximise leads and increase profitability.

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