How to increase your car dealership profit?

29 Apr 2021

It’s the biggest question all car dealers in the UAE wants to ask. How do I grow my motor dealership profit?

It’s not easy to grow profit in any business. Growing profit involves a clearly planned business strategy that is realistic and achievable.

EasyCars has put together the complete guide on how to grow dealership profit for car dealers in the UAE.

Automate your dealership tasks:

Are you sick of manually calculating VAT, managing stock and manually sending the same ad to different advertisers? Doing manual dealership tasks could be costing your dealership thousands and you don’t even realise yet. Manual tasks like VAT calculations often creates mistakes and wastes countless amounts of time that could have been used to growing your dealership.

The solution is a web-based Dealer Management System. A web-based dealer management system offers UAE car dealers a complete simplified solution that automates your everyday dealership tasks.

EasyCars DMS automates your stock control, calculates your VAT and creates valuable reports that will help you grow your business and improve your bottom line. The best part is you can access valuable information from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Simplify your advertising:

How long do you spend manually creating individual ads for different advertisers? The biggest problem with manual advertising is that it’s time consuming and there is also high chance of error. Getting things wrong leads to bigger problems and confusion for customers who view your advertisements on different advertisers.

Coming soon to EasyCars, dealers can automatically send vehicle advertisers to multiple advertisements at once – removing the manual time-consuming advertising process. EasyCars will automatically populate vehicle make, model, price, description and pictures making your entire advertising process seamless.

Online reviews:

Statistics show that 81% of customers base their buying decision on your online reviews. If your dealership has countless negative or no online reviews, you could be losing thousands in sales each month!

Asking your customers to leave a review after they have purchased a vehicle is a fast and easy way to grow your dealership sales and profit. Nothing convinces consumers to buy something more than someone referring them to the product. Having a number of positive online reviews give your dealership a great perception for buyers which eventually makes them feel comfortable and confident to purchase a car with you.

Where EasyCars can help

EasyCars is an all-in-one dealer management system that simplifies and automates the everyday tasks of running a motor dealership. Using the latest technologies, EasyCars eliminates frustrations and reduces time-wasting administration tasks to make business more efficient and streamlined today. With complete automation of advertising, integrated accounting, online review management and access to free advertisers, EasyCars is a no brainer solution for today’s motor dealer.

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