How To Get More Conversions From Your Online Advertising

06 May 2021

The UAE car sales market is constantly evolving. Research shows that 92% of car buyers research for their next car online rather than at the dealership itself. Advertising is one of the most important parts of running any motor dealership, but if you don’t have a clear and strategic plan in place, you could be losing thousands every month.

EasyCars has put together a guide on how to get more conversions from your online advertising.

Simplify your advertising through a dealer management system

There is nothing worse than having to manually sit down to enter vehicle details to multiple advertisers. It's time consuming and there's a high chance you are making a mistake. A solution for busy motor dealers is to automate advertising through a dealer management system (DMS).

A dealer management system simplifies and removes time-consuming processes of rekeying vehicle information into multiple advertisers. In EasyCars you enter stock data just once and it automatically creates your vehicle advertisement - which can be used by multiple leading advertisers. 

Research advertisers with the best results

There is no shortage of advertisers in the UAE. Before scheduling any advertisement, you should clearly plan and research which advertisers offer the best returns. More importantly you should assess all the costs associated with listing on their platform. Failing to check this can cost you thousands in the long run. You want to be sure yout ads are getting seen by the largest amounts of people and at the cheapest price.

Include high quality images to stand out from the competition

Images are the most powerful tool needed to sell vehicles online. Customers want to see what the car looks like, the condition of the car and the features before they make a large investment.

Studies show that advertisements with high quality images are 66% more likely to have someone enquire than advertisements that don’t. To get the best return from your advertising dealers must include close-up images of the car, including the odometer reading, engine, dashboard screen, spare keys, logbooks, door switches, steering wheel controls, and front and rear seats. It is so important to make sure that you have at least 15-20 images per listing to highlight different aspects of the car.

EasyCars DMS includes a phone application that makes it easier to link detailed images to your advertisement listings.

Build consumer confidence with positive online reviews

81% of customers base their buying decision on your online reviews. If your dealership has countless negative reviews, your dealership could be losing thousands. Many dealerships in the UAE have an average 3-star Google rating. But if your dealership stands out with an impressive 4-star rating or even a 5-star rating, who do you think the potential customer will choose?

Convert leads into sales through your website

Buyers will visit your dealership's website for more information. This is the perfect opportunity to convert the lead instantly using high quality features such as important  testimonials, price per week and valuations. With a professional dealer website leads will automatically feel more confident in your dealership and would be more likely to buy from your dealership instead of a competitor.

Where EasyCars can help

EasyCars is a complete dealer management system that automates all the everyday tasks of running a motor dealership. Using the latest technologies, EasyCars eliminates frustrations and reduces time-wasting administration tasks to make business more efficient and streamlined today. With complete automation of advertising, integrated accounting, and online review management, EasyCars is the go-to solution for today’s motor dealer.

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