How to Create a Strong Brand Identity for Your Car Dealership in Dubai

15 Aug 2023 Helpful Tips

It’s no secret that operating a car dealership in the UAE is extremely competitive. In such a competitive industry, the only way that your dealership is going to succeed is to create a brand identify that sets your dealership apart from others in the market.

EasyCars has put together some of the best ways your dealership can create a compelling brand identity that will connect with car buyers in the UAE and ultimately lead to greater sales.

Let’s dive into it!

1. Find Your Unique Selling Point

With an abundance of choice available for Car Buyers, the only way that your dealership can stand out from the crowd is by offering something different and unique.

Your dealership needs to give customers something that they cannot get elsewhere. Whether it be price, vehicle range, additional services, etc. your dealership needs to find your unique selling point. Having a unique selling point will build the foundation of your brand and is the first step to creating an identity.

2. Understand Your Customer

In a country as diverse as the UAE, it is imperative that your dealership takes the time to learn and understand your ideal customer. What are they looking for? What language do they primarily speak? Are you targeting younger buyers? These are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself.

Understanding who you will be selling to will position you to tailor a brand strategy that aligns with your intended target markets.

3. Create a Brand Story

Buying a car is a massive decision, customers want to know about who they are buying from. To create a strong brand, you need to have a strong story that showcases who you are and why a customer should choose you.

Take a minute to think about why you are on the journey that you are on, your values and what you are looking to achieve. Then note down a story that can be used to resonate with your target customers.

4. Design a Unique & Exciting Logo

When you think about some of the largest brands in the world you automatically resonate with their logo. Think of companies like Apple, McDonalds, Google & Facebook, just looking at the logo you know who they are and what they do. That is what your dealership needs to aspire to get to.

To create a strong brand for your dealership you need to design a unique and exciting logo that will make customers stop and remember.

5. Use Social Media to Your Advantage

The UAE is one of the most active populations on social media in the world. Recent statistics have shown that over 90% of the UAE has some form of registered Social Media profile. Whether it be Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram or others, UAE customers are on there and your dealership needs to take advantage of it.

Ensure your dealership creates a profile on each of the major social media profiles. Once done start posting and advertising. Share content about your brand, values, and vehicle stock.

6. Provide Excellent Customer Service

Believe it or not, Customer Service plays a huge role in creating a strong brand. If your dealership doesn’t offer great customer service that will reflect poorly on your brand and impact new customer acquisition.

Ensure that you train your dealership staff to provide exceptional customer service at all times. Go above and beyond for customers, help them on their journey and give them all the information they need to make an informed buying decision.

7. Engage With the Community

One of the best and most proven ways to create a strong brand quickly is to engage with your local community as much as possible. Your dealership needs to show that you are interested in the community whether they are looking to buy a car or not.

By engaging with your local community, you show that the community matters and it builds credibility and trust.

8. Collaborate with Local Influencers

A new and exciting way that so many businesses are growing their brand identity is by collaborating with local influencers. People engage and are motivated by influencers they see online.

Imagine partnering with a local influencer and your intended customer sees a post about your dealership, they may not have heard about you but since someone they follow posted about your dealership, they will be more inclined to enquire and learn more about your services.

Final Word,

The only way that your dealership is going to be able to succeed in such a competitive and cutthroat industry is to create a strong brand identity that resonates with your intended customer. The 8 tips presented are a few proven ways your dealership can create a strong brand identity and thrive in 2023 and beyond.

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