How to Convert Leads into Customers at Your Motor Dealership

16 May 2023 Helpful Tips

It’s no secret that generating Leads for your Dealership is hard task. But getting those leads to convert into full paying customer is even harder.

If your dealership is struggling to convert leads into sales you’ve come to the right place.

EasyCars has put together 5 Ways Your Dealership can convert sales into Customers in 2023.

Let’s get into it!

1. Identify the Customers Unique Needs

No two customers are the same. What one customer wants will differ from the next. That said, to convert leads into full paying customers you first need to establish each individual leads unique needs and create a unique proposal that meets such.

Once you receive an inbound lead or a prospective buyer attends your dealership, try to find out as much information as you can about their buying needs. Find out what cars they may be interested in, how much they are looking to spend and most importantly when they are looking to buy. Once you have that information try to find them a solution that is within their unique circumstance.

Understanding each individual leads unique needs and creating a tailored proposal, will increase your dealerships conversion opportunities.

2. Adapt Your Proposal

Let’s face it, your dealership won’t be the only option that a customer looks at. Studies show that customers assess at least 5 different options before choosing who to buy from. That said, the only way that your dealership will be able to convert leads into full paying customers is by offering the best deal.

Before you begin pricing your vehicles to sell, it is essential that you research the current industry pricing and more importantly what your competitors are charging for similar vehicles. Once you understand both metrics, adapt your sales proposal to either match or better what your competitors are doing.

Having the most competitive vehicle offering will significantly increase your dealerships chances of lead conversion.

3. Be Flexible

Some customers may not be prepared to buy right away. They may need to save money; wait to see how much money they can borrow, amongst many other things. A mistake that many dealerships make is trying to get leads to commit and purchase right away. What this does is it puts pressure on the buyer and often leads to them not returning.

To increase your dealerships chances of lead conversion it is important that you are flexible with the customer. Give them time to think about the offer, assist them with any questions they may have. Your dealership needs to do everything in your power to help them make an informed purchasing decision. Being flexible with the customer will help you build trust. If a lead trusts your dealership they will be more inclined to buy!

4. Only Communicate Via Preferred Methods

Like we mentioned above, all customers are different. The way that one customer prefers to communicate will differ from the next. Some may prefer to talk via phone, others via email. Once you receive a lead it is important to establish the contacts preferred communication method.

The reason why you should establish the preferred communication method is it will help communicate effectively throughout the buying process. Think about it, if you want to follow up with a lead via phone but they prefer to communicate via email, you may receive no response.

5. Have a Strong Follow Up Process

On the topic of follow-ups, to improve your dealerships chances of lead conversion, it is important that you implement a strong customer follow up process.

Most customers are not in a position to buy right away, as such your dealership needs to continue to build a relationship and communicate in the days and weeks until they may be in a position to buy.

Research shows it takes an average of 8 follow ups to get a customer to convert into a sale. It is important that your dealership picks the right time to follow up with customers. If you follow up too early it could pressure a customer, if you leave it too late you risk having them choose a competitor. It is important to implement a strong customer follow up process to increase the chances of lead conversion.

Final Word,

Converting leads into sales is not an easy job. The only way that your dealership will be able to convert leads into full paying customers is by having the right strategies that make the customers take action. The 5 tips presented are a few good strategies your dealership can use to convert leads into customers.

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