How Motor Dealerships in the UAE Can Increase Revenue in 2022

19 Jul 2022 Helpful Tips

Trying to find new ways to generate revenue at your dealership? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

EasyCars has put together 5 Ways Motor Dealerships in the UAE Can Increase Revenue in 2022.

Let’s get started!

1. Online Car Sales

To increase revenue at your dealership you need to reach the largest amount of car buyers. The best way to increase revenue in 2022 is by having an Online Car Sales offering.

An Online Car Sales offering gives your dealership the ability to target and sell to customers who live outside of your dealership’s radius. Using tools like a Dealer Website, Motor Dealerships in the UAE can offer customers the entire sales process online. Customers can select the vehicle they like, watch a virtual tour, organise finance options and pay for the vehicle, all without needing to visit the dealership in person. All your dealership needs to do is organise the delivery direct to the customer.

By having an online car sales offering, your dealership has the best chance of reaching the largest number of car buyers and closing more sales.

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2. Vehicle Add-Ons

If your dealership wants to generate more revenue you need to look past the initial vehicle sale. There is only a certain amount of revenue you can generate from the vehicle sale itself. A great way of generating more revenue is by selling vehicle add-ons.

Selling Vehicle Add-Ons gives your dealership the ability to sell more to the customer beyond the vehicle. Simple Vehicle Add-Ons include additional vehicle warranty, finance options, service options and additional parts or accessories. Vehicle Add-ons give your dealership a whole new funnel to drive revenue.

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3. Review your Vehicle Pricing

As a Car Dealer, your number one focus is to sell your vehicles as fast as possible. One of the reasons why some vehicles may not sell is because of the price. To increase your dealerships revenue, it is so important that your dealership frequently reviews your pricing strategy.

The reason why it is so important to review your pricing strategy is if a vehicle is failing to sell, you can make the relevant changes to the price to increase the chance of receiving a sale. The longer a vehicle sits in stock, the more your dealership has to pay.

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4. Offer Great Customer Service

Having a strong customer service offering is the key to success in the UAE Automotive industry. If your dealership wants to generate greater revenue, you need to provide customer service that is second to none.

Help your customer, listen to their needs, see how you can help and most importantly make your buying process as fast and easy as possible. The benefit of having strong customer service is you can receive leads who have been referred to your dealership from past customers!

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5. Online Reviews

81% of Car Buyers in the UAE use Online Reviews to base their buying decision around. Online Reviews are vital for all Motor Dealerships in 2022. Car buyers want to know a dealerships reputation before they spend thousands of their hard-earned money with them.

To generate more revenue, it is so important that your dealership encourages and gains online reviews. As the statistics show, the more online reviews your dealership has, the more likely you are to receive a customer. Do everything in your power to collect reviews from past customers, it can be the key deciding factor in whether a customer chooses your dealership or the competition.

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Final Word,

There are so many great opportunities available for Motor Dealerships in the UAE to drive greater revenue. The 5 examples mentioned above are a few great ways your dealership can increase revenue in 2022.

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