How Google Reviews Can Generate More Sales For Your Dealership

19 Oct 2021 Helpful Tips

Don’t realise the importance of online reviews? Haven’t put too much thought into online reviews? Don’t think online reviews matter for your dealership?

If you fall into the above category, think again!

Online reviews have never been more important for motor dealers in the UAE. It’s proven that car buyers now research a dealerships online reviews before making any buying decision.

Don’t believe us? The stats speak for themselves.

Why You Need Google Reviews

    • 90% of car buyers revealed they won’t buy from a dealership with no online reviews
    • 84% of car buyers trust online reviews more than a personal recommendation.
    • 74% of car buyers say that positive reviews make them a dealership a lot more.
    • 68% of car buyers read between 1 and 6 reviews before deciding on a dealership.

Google is the number 1 destination for information in the world! No matter what a business may be selling, buyers will check Google for recommendations and reviews.

If your dealership doesn’t have any or enough online reviews, potential buyers will look elsewhere.

How To Get More Online Reviews

The aim is to get online reviews naturally, however majority of the time some prompting is needed. Let’s face it, people are busy - if they aren’t reminded to do something they will often forget.

Here are few tips to help you get more online reviews for your dealership:

Choose The Right Time to Ask

If you want to get a review from your customer, timing is the key. If you ask too early, your customer may not have experienced the full benefits of the car. If you ask too late, your customer may have already forgotten and moved onto the next thing.

To get reviews for your dealership, the best time to ask for a review is as soon as you make the sale. You can ask them to review your service, any benefits you gave them and the quality of the vehicle.

When customers experience great customer service – they will be more enticed to leave a positive review.

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Make It Easy for Your Customers to Leave a Review

If you want a customer to leave review, you need to make the process super easy. The easiest way to get customers to leave a review is by using a review link.

The benefit of a review link is you can leave it on your social media pages, emails, your website, and you can even text message the link to your customer.

A good technique is to include a review link on the invoice you send your customer.

Learn how to create a link for customers to write reviews here.

Remind Customers

People are busier then ever, which makes it so easy to forget little things. 80% of reviews typically originate from follow-ups. Even though you may have asked a customer to leave a review at the time of purchase, some prompting is often necessary to get them to follow through.

Best practice is to send a friendly review reminder to a customer in the weeks preceding the purchase.

Final Word,

As car buyers in the UAE turn to the internet as their source of information, online reviews cannot be overlooked. Positive Google reviews will help you stand out from competition, build trust, and grow sales for your dealership.

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