How Car Dealers in the UAE Can Source More Vehicle Stock in 2022

06 Apr 2022 Helpful Tips

Undoubtedly the biggest challenge facing all car dealers in 2022 is vehicle shortages. Over the past two years, car dealers around the world have struggled to source new and used vehicle stock due to both economical impacts and production delays. With delays continuing into 2022 and used car prices increasing, sourcing vehicles has never been harder for dealers in the UAE.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom, there are still ways your dealership can source more vehicle stock at a good price. If you want to source more vehicles for your dealership you need to think outside of the box.

Here are a few ways car dealers in the UAE can source more vehicle stock in 2022.

1. Use your Dealership Website to your Advantage

Dealer Websites are the best sales tool for car dealers in 2022. To put things into context, research shows that 95% of Emirati Car Buyers visit a Dealership Website before attending the dealership in person. Your Dealerships website is the best tool to help source more stock for your dealership, but, you need to have the correct features to use it to it’s full potential.

Vehicle Trade-ins are always a great way to source new vehicles to sell. A key feature that can help source new vehicle stock is a Car Valuation Calculator. A Car Valuation Calculator gives car sellers the ability to submit information and photos of their car on your dealership website and have it valued.

The benefit of adding a car valuation calculator feature to your website is it simplifies a customer’s trade in process. Customers won’t need to drive from dealership to dealership seeking the best price. The easier you make the trade in process for customers, the more likely you are to receive more vehicle trade ins.

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2. Visit Vehicle Auctions

Vehicle Auctions are always a great way to gain more vehicle stock. The biggest advantage of purchasing vehicles through an auction is you receive the vehicle on the day of purchase - No lengthy wait times or delays!

Another advantage of attending vehicle auctions is you could source vehicles much cheaper than what they might sell for elsewhere. Yes, there is also a risk that a car can be so popular that the bids far exceed the value, but that’s the risk of attending an auction, you never know what’s going to happen.

If you are looking to attend a Vehicle Auction it is highly recommended that you research the market, understand vehicle values, resale prices, and consult with all relevant parties. Many dealers make the mistake of overpaying for vehicle stock.

Popular Vehicle Auction Locations in the UAE include:

  • Emirates Auction
  • Marhaba Auctions
  • Copart UAE Auctions
  • Gulf International Auction

To search for your closest vehicle auction location, click here.

3. Car Classified Websites

Car Classifieds Websites are the go-to destination for many private car sellers. A great way source more vehicles for your dealership is by joining and researching different car classified websites.

The benefit of joining car classified websites is there is always an abundance of cars available for sale. As the vehicles are primarily owned by an individual you have more of a selection than you would sourcing from a manufacturer or supplier. With so much choice available on the many car classified websites in the UAE, you may be able to source vehicles at cheap prices.

Leading Car Classified Websites in the UAE include:

  • Dubi Cars
  • YallaMotor
  • Car Switch
  • YOSR

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4. Contact Past Customers

Another great way to gain more vehicle stock is by simply contacting your past customers. Reach out to them, give them a call, ask how the car you sold them is performing and ask them if they have any cars they are looking to sell or have any friends or family who may want to sell.

If your customers have had a good buying experience with your dealership, they may be more motivated to assist you. Yes, this may take some time to contact past customers but gaining more vehicles is essential for success in 2022.

5. Online Research

To get more vehicles for your dealership you need to seek different opportunities. The internet is the best tool to help achieve an outcome and, in this instance, can help your dealership source more vehicles.

Do your research online, look for different ways you can gain more vehicles. Putting the time into research will significantly help you source more vehicles and could open your doors for other greater possibilities.

Final Word,

Vehicle Shortages are expected to continue for the foreseeable future. However, there are still some great ways your dealership can source more vehicles at a great price. The 5 strategies presented are a few quick and easy ways your dealership can source more vehicle stock in 2022.

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