Common Problems with UAE Car Dealer Websites in 2022

16 Feb 2022 Website


95% of Emirati Car Buyers use the internet to look for their next car to buy. It’s fair to say the UAE Automotive Industry has changed dramatically in the past 2 years. Years ago, many dealerships wouldn’t have put much effort into their online presence but in 2022, you can’t be successful without a Dealer Website.

A Dealer Website has become an essential tool for all dealerships and is often the difference between gaining a customer or losing a customer. To be successful in 2022, UAE motor dealers need to have a dealer website that has all the things that car buyers look for. 

Here are 5 Common Problems with UAE Car Dealer Websites in 2022.

1. Not Mobile Friendly

53% of website searches are from a mobile device. A common problem with many car dealer websites is they are not mobile-friendly. If your website is not mobile friendly you are potentially cutting your dealership off from over half the car buyers in the UAE. If a customer cannot access your website, they will have no choice but to go with your competition.

To be successful, your Dealership Website MUST be mobile friendly. All potential car buyers must be able to access your website, look at the stock you are selling and enquire no matter what device they are using.

2. Poor Contact Options

70% of Customers won’t even consider a business whose website has no contact information. If your website doesn’t have clear and easy to find contact options – your losing leads. To get a customer to convert on your website, you must have a contact form that is clear, easy to find and on every page of the website.

Good Contact form placements include in the search dashboard, on the right-hand side of every page, on the home page, and on every car listing you have displayed on your website. The more contact options you have on your websites, the easier it will be for leads to submit a request.

3. Low Quality Vehicle Listings

Your Dealer Website is an online show room for your vehicles. To get the best return from your website, you need to have high quality Vehicle listings. Research shows that 80% of the car buying process happens online. Customers want to get as much information as they can from their initial research before they attend the dealership, so it is important you give it to them right away.

The Vehicle listings on your website must be as high quality as possible. Make sure you include high quality images of the vehicle, have a detailed description, and indicate the price the car is for sale for. The more information the customer can obtain from your website the less work you need to do when they come in to test drive or to buy.

4. Poor Layout and Design

The Look of your website is so important. If a customer clicks onto your website and doesn’t know where to go, they will leave. Your Dealer website needs to be free flowing and self-explanatory for all customers. As soon as they click onto your website they should know where to go to find different options.

Your homepage is the key, it needs to be relatable and instantly tell the story of who you are and what you are selling. Your dashboard should clearly list the different options like stock listings, finance, and contact options. Before you publish or create a website it is always best practice to get feedback from a variety of different people.

5. Hard to read font or colour

A common problem with many dealer websites is font and colour selections. Having poor font or outlandish colours will significantly impact your website performance.

Font that is either too large, too small, too bright, or too dark will lead to customers leaving your website. Your font should be in a readable size and colour and be adaptable for mobile view. Like the layout and design section, it is always best to ask the option of different people to confirm if the font size and colour is appropriate.

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