5 Ways Using A Dealer Management Software Can Reduce Your Dealerships Costs

21 Feb 2023 Helpful Tips

Every business’s goal is to reduce costs. But in the UAE Automotive Industry how can you reduce costs?

Believe it or not, operational processes are one of the biggest expenses for every business. The better you manage your business, the more money you will save, it’s that simple!

One of the quickest and most effective ways to reduce costs at your dealership in 2023 is to implement a Dealer Management Software.

Here are 5 Ways Using a Dealer Management Software Can Reduce Your Costs.

1. Automates Dealership Tasks

How long do you spend performing administrative tasks? Performing manual administrative tasks will cost your dealership thousands every year. Think about it, performing administration tasks will take your staff away from their primary role of selling cars. To be successful selling cars in the UAE your salesman need to focus all their efforts on selling cars only.

The biggest benefit of using a Dealer Management Software is it will streamline and automate many manual dealership tasks like Stock Management, Vehicle Advertising, VAT Calculations and Business Reporting. Automating dealership tasks will give your salesman more time to focus on building leads and converting them into sales. Automating your dealership tasks will ultimately reduce your costs and increase revenue.

2. Clear Reporting

It’s no secret that business reporting is a frustrating task. Many businesses make the mistake of getting caught up putting management reports together manually. There is no understating the importance of business reporting, but you should never get caught up doing it manually because other areas of your business will suffer.

Another great benefit of using a Dealer Management Software is management reports compile automatically in the background as you trade. In the click of a button, you can export vital business reports like, sales, stock numbers, advertising results, growth, salesman performance and more.

Having fast and easy access to business reports, will put your dealership in a better position to make more strategic decisions that accelerate growth.

3. Reduces Human Error

We all make errors from time to time, but in an industry as fragile as automotive, making one slight error can cost you thousands.

An advantage of using a Dealer Management Software is it will reduce you and your staff’s risk of making a costly error. With many daily tasks being automated, you will reduce the number of manual tasks that you need to perform which in turn will significantly minimsie the risk of making a costly error.

4. Tracks Staff Performance

One of the biggest expenses for all businesses is Staff. With that being said, it is important that your staff are performing and meeting set expectations. If your salesman aren’t selling you will be losing thousands that could have been better used elsewhere.

Another advantage of using a Dealer Management Software is you can track and measure each of your salesman’s performance and results. In the click of a button, you can export reports that tell you which salesman are selling, and which salesman are not. For those staff that are not meeting expectations, you have the ability to make any necessary changes to limit business cash burn.

5. Integrates with Accounting Software

Let’s face it, accounting is expensive. You would probably be familiar with the large fees that your accountant charges to complete your financials. One of the main reasons why accountant fees are so expensive is because they waste hours trying to find the information that they need to complete the job. The more time that your accountant needs to complete your work, the more that you will pay, its that simple.

Using a Dealer Management Software can and will reduce your accountants’ fees. Dealer Management Software’s like EasyCars integrate to leading accounting packages like Xero. When a system is integrated, financial information will automatically transfer from the program of entry to the other linked program once entered without needing any duplicate data entry tasks to be performed.

Having an integrated accounting setup will streamline your accountant’s process, reduce the amount of time they require to complete the job and most importantly reduce your fees.

Final Word,

Reducing costs is essential for achieving success in the UAE Motor Industry. Implementing a Dealer Management Software is the fastest and most effective way to reduce costs at your dealership in 2023. The 5 examples presented are a few ways a dealer management software can reduce your dealerships expenses in 2023.

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