5 Ways to Keep Visitors Viewing Your Dealership Website Longer

28 Mar 2023 Helpful Tips

Studies show 47% of Website Visitors leave in under a minute of accessing a website. That brings us to the question, as a Motor Dealer in the UAE how can you keep visitors on your website for longer?

EasyCars has put together 5 Ways your Dealership can keep visitors viewing your Website for longer in 2023.

Let’s get into it.

1. Easy Design

One of the main reasons why so many people leave a website in under a minute is because the website has a confusing or unclear design. If a visitor cannot find what they are looking for instantly when they visit your website, they will leave without taking action.

To keep visitors viewing your Dealership Website for longer in 2023, your website needs to have an easy, simple and clear design. You need to make your navigation options easily findable to allow visitors to proceed deeper into your website.

Having a strong website design will lead to better website engagement and will open your doors to greater lead and sales opportunities.

2. Include Key Car Buying Features

Buying a Car is a huge financial and emotional experience. It’s not like buying everyday products where you simply click and pay. When it comes to buying a car, customers want to get as much information as possible to make the best-informed decision.

The only way that your dealership is going to be able to keep visitors online for longer is to include all the key car buying features that customers look for. For example your website should have a section which provides information on your trade in options, financing options, warranties, test drive times etc. The more information you can provide customers, the longer they will engage with your website!

3. Simple Action Items

One of the key fundamentals of having a strong website in any industry is having clear action items. For example, on your Dealership Website, you need to make it clear what visitors need to do to proceed to the next stage of the buying journey.

When someone clicks on one of your dealership’s vehicle listings, you need to have clear options for them to either leave an enquiry for more information, book in a test drive, understand weekly finance repayment amounts and more.

The clearer your websites action items are, the better your dealership will engage with website visitors!

4. Fast Load Speed

Studies have shown that a one-second website load speed delay leads to over 32% of visitors bouncing. To keep visitors viewing your website for longer, it is imperative that your website has a fast load speed.

Think about it, if you wanted to access a website, how long will you wait for the page to load before you seek another option? To keep visitors on your website it is important that you speak to your website developer and request that they make your websites load speed as fast as it possibly can be.

5. Mobile Friendly

Research shows that over 60% of all website searches in 2023 come from a mobile device. The only way that you are going to be able to gain and keep visitors on your website is to have a mobile friendly website.

Before you publish your dealership website, test the websites capabilities on a mobile device. You need to make sure that your website allows mobile users the ability to do everything that you can via a computer device.

Final Word,

To keep visitors viewing your dealership website you need to give them everything they want immediately. It is important that your website has an easy design, includes key buying features, has simple actionable items, loads fast and most importantly can be accessed by any device!

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