5 Ways Motor Dealers Can Generate More Traffic to Their Website

07 Mar 2023 Helpful Tips

Having a strong Dealership Website is a key component of running a successful Motor Dealership in the UAE.

That brings us to the question, as a Motor Dealer in the UAE, how can you increase traffic to your Dealership Website?

EasyCars has put together 5 ways Motor Dealers in the UAE Can Generate More Website Traffic in 2023.

1. Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Friendly

Studies have shown that 60% of all Online Search Traffic comes from a Mobile Device. To generate more traffic to your dealership website in 2023 it is essential that your website is compatible with Mobile Devices.

Before you publish your website online, it is important to check that your website has the functionality to operate via mobile and tablet devices. Just as important, you need to ensure that users who access your website via a mobile device can operate the website easily and stress-free. Google has confirmed that mobile friendly websites rank higher in their search results than websites that are not. Having a mobile-friendly website will equate to a larger traffic volume.

2. Focus on User Experience

Believe it or not your websites user experience will play a massive role in generating traffic. To see strong traffic results, it is important that your websites user experience enables visitors to operate easily and stress free at all times.

The reason why having a strong user experience is vital in generating traffic is user experience will impact your websites online ranking. Studies have shown 75% of search traffic do not scroll past the first page. Having a strong user experience design will result in a higher position online and ultimately more traffic to your website.

3. SEO

Don’t understand the importance of SEO in Traffic Acquisition? Studies have shown that 95% of car buyers use online search engines to find their next car to buy instead of attending a dealership. To generate more traffic to your dealership website, you need to rank on the first page on search engines.

Think about it, if a potential car buyer searches online “Used Car for Sale Dubai” and your dealership website is among the first few options you will get the larger quantity of traffic compared to if you are on the later pages. To get to the top position in Google you will need to implement a strong SEO strategy that targets relevant keywords, backlinks and other key SEO fundamentals.

4. Include Key Buying Features

The main aim of having a Dealership Website is to give customers the ability to access all the information they without having to attend your dealership physically. To generate more traffic to your website, it is important that you have all the key car buying features that customers look for.

The essential dealership website features that car buyers in the UAE look for include:

  • Car Valuations
  • Trade In Options
  • Finance Options
  • Repayment Amounts

It is vital that you give visitors as much information as possible whilst they are on your website. If a customer needs to leave your website to source more information, you risk losing their interest and potential business.

5. Implement Paid Advertising

The fastest and easiest way to increase traffic to your Dealership Website in 2023 is to implement paid advertising. Paid Advertising will place your website in front of your target market whilst they search online.

The benefit of implementing paid advertising is you will generate more website traffic almost instantly. The biggest disadvantage of paid advertising is the cost is quite large. To see good results from paid advertising you will need to invest significantly and consistently.

Final Word,

Having a strong dealership website is the key to running a successful Motor Dealership in the UAE. The 5 tips presented are a few ways you can increase traffic to your dealership website in 2023.

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