5 Vehicle Advertising Mistakes UAE Motor Dealers Make in 2022

08 Jun 2022 Helpful Tips

Vehicle Advertising is the key to success in the UAE Automotive Industry. To be successful advertising vehicles online in the UAE, dealers need to ensure their advertisements has the key information that car buyers look for.

With that being said, many dealerships make costly vehicle advertising mistakes which more often than not leads to interested car buyers choosing other sellers.

Here are 5 Vehicle Advertising Mistakes UAE Motor Dealers Make in 2022 and how your dealership can avoid them.

1. Not Including Vehicle Images

By far the biggest vehicle advertising mistake you can make is not including vehicle images! To put it simply, there is no point advertising vehicles for sale if you don’t include images. Car buyers want to see what the car looks like before they enquire and proceed further. Including just a vehicle name is not good enough and won’t entice car buyers in 2022.

If your dealership wants to generate leads through online advertising, you MUST include as many high-quality images of your vehicles as possible. Vehicle images show potential car buyers your vehicles condition and gives them the ability to choose whether the look of the car is right for them. The biggest risk of not including vehicle images is online users may scroll past your advertisement without clicking on it for more information. The more high-quality images your vehicle advertisements have, the more chance you have of receiving a lead.

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2. Bad Vehicle Description

If you have a potential car buyer click on your vehicle advertisement, you have already passed the hardest test! The second worst advertising mistake many dealers make is having no or a limited vehicle description. Having a bad vehicle advertisement description ultimately forces car buyers to seek other alternatives for more information.

The primary aim of vehicle advertising is to do most of the selling, once a lead has enquired you shouldn’t have to persuade them into buying, they should already know what they want to buy and the price they want to buy it for. To maximise your online vehicle advertising results, you need to include as much information in your vehicle description as possible. Make sure you list all the vehicles features, benefits and costs. Research shows 60% of the car buying process completed online, so the more information you have in your descriptions, the greater the chance is for your dealership to receive a lead.

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3. Incorrect Vehicle Spelling

This point is so important! Making even the slightest spelling mistake will have a major impact on the success of your vehicle advertising. If your vehicle advertisements have a spelling error, your vehicle won’t be allocated to the specific vehicle category on online advertising websites.

The reason why your spelling needs to be correct is online advertisers have set algorithms that automatically place vehicles into certain sections of their website based on vehicle name. If you make one minor mistake the system won’t be able to correctly assign your vehicle to the right section. When this happens incorrect vehicle listings get reverted to the last page making it almost impossible to find.

4. No Contact Information

Yes, this is a very common mistake. Many dealer vehicle advertisements fail to include key contact information like dealership name, number, email and most importantly address. Put yourself in a potential customers shoes. Would you contact a seller if you don’t know where they are located? The answer is most likely no.

To receive leads from your online vehicle advertisements it is so important that you include your dealerships contact information on each individual listing. You cannot rely on the individual advertiser to provide your details because many don’t. The best place to include your dealership contact details is below your vehicle description.

5. Wrong Pricing

Pricing is often the key deciding factor in whether a customer chooses your dealership or someone else. The only way that you will generate good results online is if you have correct vehicle pricing. If your vehicle pricing is not included, too high or even too low, this could greatly impact your advertisements searchability.

Like we mentioned above, Online vehicle websites have set algorithms that match similar vehicles by make and price. If your pricing is not correct, the website will not be able to allocate your listing to the correct section, ultimately reverting your ad to the back position. Before you list your vehicles online it is important you check competitors pricing and try to match or better what they are offering.

Final Word,

Online Advertising is crucial for all motor dealers. To receive the most amount of leads online you need to present your vehicles in the best way. The 5 mistakes mentioned are common on UAE vehicle advertisements and can be avoided with the solutions presented.

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