5 Tips to Get Your Cars Noticed Online

09 Jun 2021 Helpful Tips

Research shows 95% of car buyers use the internet as their source of information. The internet is such a massive opportunity for your motor dealers in the UAE. If you find yourself struggling to get your vehicles noticed online, you’ve come to right place.

EasyCars has put together 4 easy tips you can use to get your cars noticed online in 2021.

Use a clean background

The biggest problem with many car advertisements is the background. Often you will find car advertisements where the background is too dark, has surrounding cars, or the lighting is incorrect. Using a clean, clutter-free background draws attention to the vehicle only.

The best way to capture a background shot is to take images of your cars in a location that has consistent lighting. This way all shadows and reflections not be appear and impact the image.

Capture important features

Taking images of a cars key features makes a huge difference in attracting leads. To stand out from other advertisements it’s so important to give the reader more choice instead of just the standard exterior shots.

Capture important features such as the engine, leather seats, sunroof, camera or navigation systems etc. Car buyers prefer to see all features visually instead of reading long descriptions. Capturing key features makes such a huge difference in a competitive space.

Shoot Images for Mobile Viewing

72% of customers use their phones for internet research. It’s so important that the images you put online are compatible for mobile devices. If you use images that are not compatible you could be limiting your dealerships reach.

Sizing and dimensions change per advertiser, so it is really important to check the requirements before taking your photos. A standard sizing used across many advertisers such as Facebook, Google and online websites is 800x600.

Capture Videos

Over 75% of auto shoppers say that online videos influenced their purchasing decision. Capturing short videos of your stock is the best way your dealership can stand out from other listings. 

Videos can be as simple as recording a tour of the car, engine, safety features and odometer. The more the better!

Get Your Cars Online Quicker

Selling your car online is getting more and more competitive. When you compete with hundreds of sellers, speed can give you a massive advantage. Get your cars on your website and other advertising sites as quickly as possible. The quicker your listings get online, the faster potential customers can enquire!

In conclusion,

As Car buyers in the UAE shift to online, it is so important to present your vehicles in the best possible way. Using simple tips above will give help you get your cars noticed online.

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