5 Tasks UAE Motor Dealers MUST Automate in 2022

02 Aug 2022 Helpful Tips

As a Motor Dealer in the UAE, your number one priority is to buy and sell cars. Let’s face it, as a motor dealer, you often have a thousand different things to do every day. A mistake that many dealerships make is doing everyday tasks manually.

To streamline growth, Motor Dealers in the UAE need to automate daily dealership tasks.

Here are 5 Tasks UAE Motor Dealers MUST Automate in 2022.

1. VAT Compliance

Motor Dealers should never complete VAT compliance tasks manually! The problem with performing VAT compliance manually is it is extremely sensitive and carries a high risk of error. The reason why Dealership VAT is so difficult to complete is Motor Dealership VAT greatly differs to everyday VAT. Making one slight mistake can result in significant compliance fines.

To streamline the VAT compliance process, Motor Dealers in the UAE need to use a motor industry specific management software like EasyCars. The benefit of using a software like EasyCars is it completely automates the entire VAT compliance and reporting process.

In the click of a button, EasyCars automatically calculates complex VAT, syncs to Xero accounting software and creates valuable reports for quick submission to the FTA. Using a Motor Industry specific software like EasyCars will greatly reduce your dealerships risk of receiving a compliance fine.

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2. Vehicle Advertising

Vehicle Advertising is an essential everyday task for all Motor Dealers; however, it is also one of the most time-consuming. To reduce time spent on the vehicle advertising, Motor Dealers in the UAE need to automate the process using a Dealer Management Software.

Using a Dealer Management Software like EasyCars, Motor Dealers in the UAE can customise and automatically send ads to major UAE advertisers Dubi Cars, Yalla Motor, YOSR and Car Switch in the click of a button. The benefit of automating vehicle advertising is it removes tedious duplicate data entry tasks and gives your dealership more time to focus on selling vehicles.

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3. Vehicle Stock Management

Having a Strong Vehicle Stock Management Process is the key to success in the UAE Automotive Industry. A mistake that many dealerships make is completing stock management manually. The problem with completing stock management manually is it doesn’t paint the full picture of what is happening at your dealership.

To have strong stock management, motor dealers need to automate process. The benefit of using a dealer management software for stock management is it gives your dealership instant access to key business information that you can use to base future business decisions on. In the click of a button dealers can see how long different vehicles have been in stock for, how many leads each individual vehicle has received and more. The benefit of having quick access to key information is your dealership can implement changes, that help get your vehicles to sell faster.

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4. Website Listings

One of the most time-consuming tasks for Motor Dealers in the UAE is uploading and removing vehicle listings on their dealership website.

The best way to streamline the vehicle listing process is by integrating your dealership website with a dealer management system. The benefit of integrating these two systems together is vehicle listings will automatically update as you buy and sell. Your dealership doesn’t have to do anything!

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5. Business Reporting

Reporting is one task that should never be completed manually. The reason for this is reporting is extremely fragile, making one slight mistake can cause all sorts of problems.

The benefit of using a dealer management software like EasyCars is it complies beneficial business reports in the background as you trade. In the click of a button, dealers can export different management reports and use that information to make strategic future business decisions. The stronger your dealerships reporting is, the better the position your dealership will be in.

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Final Word,

To be successful buying and selling cars, Motor Dealers in the UAE need to reduce the number of manual tasks they complete. The 5 Tasks mentioned above should be automated and can be done through the solutions mentioned.

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