5 Signs Your Dealerships Sales Process Is Costing You Sales

06 Sep 2022 Helpful Tips

There is no other way of saying this but the sales process that your dealership uses will determine whether a buyer chooses you or the competition. As a Motor Dealer in the UAE, your number one priority should be to make the car buying process as fast and as easy as possible for buyers.

With that being said, many dealerships continue to use outdated or incorrect sales process which often results in potential buyers going elsewhere.

Here are 5 signs your dealerships sales process is costing you sales.

1. No Response from Prospects After Initial Conversation

The most obvious sign that your dealerships sales process is broken is not receiving a response from a potential buyer after you have submitted a vehicle sales proposal.

Before your dealership submits a proposal to a potential buyer, it is important that your dealership learns and understand the buyers’ unique needs and requirements. When a potential buyer attends your dealership, see what they are interested in, find out their budget and try to create a proposal that meets their specific needs.

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2. Prospects Delay Decision Making

Another telltale sign that your dealerships sales process is broken is having potential buyers delay their buying decision. When this happens it often means that they are not happy with the proposal or are seeking alternative options.

To reduce losing a potential buyer, it is important that your dealership researches the competition and industry standard pricing before you submit a proposal to a potential buyer. Once you understand the industry standard pricing, try to adapt your offering to either meet or better what others are offering. The more competitive your proposal is, the easier it will make the buying decision, it’s really that simple.

3. Your Sales Process has not been updated in over 3 years

The UAE Motor Industry has changed dramatically over the last 3 years. The way dealers sold cars in 2019 is much different to the way they sell them today. With that being said, your dealerships sales process needs to adapt to meet the current industry standards and requirements.

One of the biggest mistakes many dealers in the UAE make is keeping the same sales process year after year. The problem with this is buyers are now choosing dealerships who have the fastest and easiest sales process. To stay ahead, dealers need to frequently review and adapt their sales process to better meet customer expectations. The better your sales process is, the harder it will be for buyers to choose other sellers.

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4. Your Salesman Don’t follow the Process

You can have the best sales process in the world, but if your salesman don’t use the process, it’s pointless. To be successful buying and selling cars, your dealerships salesman need to stick to the agreed sales process from start to finish.

It is so important that your dealership trains each salesman, so they understand the sales process from back to front. The more knowledgeable your sales staff are on the process, the easier it will be for them to stick to it.

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5. Poor Conversion Rate

Having a strong conversion rate is the key to success when selling cars. Another sign that your dealerships sales process is broken is having generated leads not convert into full paying customers.

If your dealership is losing interested prospects, it often means that your sales process has something wrong. Often the reason why a prospect won’t convert into a customer is because they may have received a better offer elsewhere. To avoid this happening to your dealership, it is important that you cater your proposal as specific and as competitive as possible for each individual prospective buyer. If your dealership offers the best possible pricing proposal it will be very hard for a buyer to choose another seller over your dealership.

Final Word,

The sales process that your dealership uses will make or break a sale. As a motor dealer in the UAE, you need to make your sales process as fast and as easy as possible for customers. The 5 examples mentioned above are common signs of a broken dealership sales process and can be avoided through the solutions presented.

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