5 Proven Strategies Motor Dealers in the UAE Can Use to Close Sales Faster

06 Dec 2022 Helpful Tips

As a Car Dealer you would already know the frustrations of delayed sales. In saying that, there are strategies that you can use to close car sales faster.

Here are 5 Proven Strategies that your Dealership Can Use to Close Sales Faster.

1. Build Trust

Trust is the most important factor when it comes to buying and selling cars. If a customer doesn’t trust your dealership, they will go elsewhere. To close vehicle sales faster the first and most important strategy that your dealership MUST use is to build trust with the customer.

The most effective way to build a buyer’s trust is to use the power of online reviews. 4 out of 5 buyers use Online Reviews to determine who to buy with. Try to build and increase your dealerships Online Reviews – the more online reviews your dealership has, the more trustworthy you will be for potential buyer.

2. Research the Competition

You would be silly to think Car Buyers only look at one option. Car buyers often shortlist between 5 – 10 different cars before choosing. With that being said, how will a customer choose who to buy from? They will most likely choose the seller who presents the best deal and the cheapest price.

It is vital that your dealership constantly researches and reviews what your competition is doing. Check what prices your competitors are selling similar vehicles for and if possible, try to adapt your pricing strategy to either match or better what they are offering buyers. The better your pricing strategy is, the quicker you will close sales!

3. Provide an Incentive

By far the best way to increase the decision-making process is to offer buyers an incentive. For example, you can offer a limited time discount on the vehicles price if the customer can agree to purchase the vehicle by a certain date.

To get customers to buy vehicles faster, you need to create a sense of urgency and motivation. You need the customer to spend now and not tomorrow. The longer a customer delays their decision, the more risk there is of them going with someone else. By providing an incentive you will create a sense of urgency for a buyer to accept or decline your deal faster than they normally would.

4. Listen to the Buyer

Every buyer is different. What one buyer wants will differ from the next, as such your dealership needs to adapt to each individual buyer and their needs. To close vehicle sales faster your dealership needs to build a relationship with the buyer and needs to listen to their individual needs.

When a potential buyer attends your dealership, find out what they are looking for and what their price range is. If possible, you should try to find out when they are looking to by to gage their motivation. Once you understand the customer and their request, try to adapt your offer to better suit their unique needs. If you can meet a customer’s requirements, you will significantly speed up their decision-making and increase the chances of generating a sale.

5. Be Available for the Customer

Recent studies have showed that almost 40% of car buyers will buy from the dealership that responds first! To close deals faster you need to be open and available for the customer.

To maximise your availability, it is important that your dealership has an open communication method. Ensure your dealership has a phone number, email address, WhatsApp number and Facebook messenger. You need to give customers a way to communicate you quickly and when it suits them best.

Final Word,

It can be extremely frustrating waiting for a customer to make a decision. In saying that there are strategies that you can use to fasten the car buying process. The 5 points presented are a few proven strategies that your dealership can use to close sales faster!

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