5 Must-Have Dealership Website Features in 2023

02 May 2023 Helpful Tips

Have you ever went to a Website and it didn’t have what you were looking for?

If so, did you ever return to that website? The answer is probably no.

When it comes to buying and selling Cars in the UAE having a strong dealership website is essential. The only way to have a strong dealership website is to include all the key features that customers are looking for.

Here are 5 Must-Have Dealership Website Features in 2023.

1. Detailed Vehicle Listing

What’s the main reason for having a dealership website? It’s to showcase the vehicles you have for sale to buyers without needing them to come into your dealership. The first and arguably the most important feature that your dealership website must have in 2023 is detailed vehicle listings.

To capture online interest, your dealership needs to give visitors as much information as possible whilst they are searching on your website. Your vehicle listings must be detailed and showcase all the features and benefits each vehicle has.

Having a strong and detailed vehicle listings will give customers more information to make the best buying decision and will lead to better online lead conversions at your dealership.

2. Vehicle Trade In

To buy a new car, most people will need to sell their current car. Another essential feature that many online car buyers in the UAE look for is a vehicle trade in feature.

Your dealership should have a dedicated page on your website which highlights your trade in process. The key to having a strong trade in page is including all the steps that a customer needs to take to trade their vehicle in with your dealership. After reading your page, a customer should know what to do and how to do it without having to communicate with your dealership in person.

3. Finance Options

Finance has and always will be one of the most important parts of the car buying process. For most buyers, they will need the assistance of a car finance loan to buy their next vehicle. The third must-have feature that your dealership website needs to have is Finance Options.

One of the best ways to highlight finance on your dealership website is by showing your finance options on each of your individual vehicle listings. The benefit of having a finance option included on your Vehicle listing is it gives visitors a fast and easy way to learn about finance without having to visit another page.

4. Virtual Vehicle Tours

Let’s face it, people are busier than ever. Some customers may not be able to attend your dealership in person during your operational hours. To increase your sales opportunities, a great feature that your dealership website needs to have in 2023 is Virtual Vehicle Tours.

On each individual vehicle listing, your dealership should include a link to a video which shows a current virtual tour of the vehicle that you are selling.

Your dealership can record a video of the vehicle in person and upload it for visitors to watch in their own time. Having virtual vehicle tours on your website, will give customers the ability to learn about the vehicle without having to visit your dealership in person.

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5. Online Reviews

93% of Car Buyers use Online Reviews to determine what car to buy and who to buy from. A key feature that all visitors look for on a dealership website in 2023 is Online Reviews.

Before customers spend thousands of their hard earned money on a new car, they want to know that the vehicle is reliable and the seller is trustworthy. It is important that your dealership website has a dedicated section that showcases past customer online reviews.

The benefit of having multiple positive online reviews on your website is it shows customers what you have done in the past and how you can help. Having strong online reviews will lead to more leads and greater conversions.

Final Word,

Having a strong dealership website is essential for success in the UAE Automotive Industry. To have a strong dealership website, you need to include all the key features that customers need and are looking for. The 5 features presented need to be included on your dealership website in 2023 to be successful.

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