5 Best Marketing Strategies for Motor Dealers in the UAE

26 Jul 2022 Helpful Tips

To sell cars in the UAE you need to market your Vehicles!

Here are the 5 Best Marketing Strategies for Motor Dealers in the UAE.

1. Online Advertising

95% of Emirati Car Buyers find their next car online. To reach the greatest amount of car buyers, you need to advertise your vehicles online. If your dealership doesn’t currently advertise your vehicles online, you are losing sales opportunities!

To capture the most amount of leads your dealership needs to put together a list of vehicle advertisers you can send your vehicles to. Find out each advertiser’s terms and conditions and understand their pricing. Once you know what advertisers are available, start to test them out. advertise.

The key to having a successful online vehicle advertising is reporting. Having a strong reporting system in place, gives your dealership the ability to see what advertisers are providing a return on investment and which advertisers are not. Once you understand what advertisers are working well, begin to send your vehicles to them only. Online Advertising is a working process, it does take time to perfect. Once you have the right strategy, Online Advertising will provide your dealership with a high number of leads to sell to.

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2. Online Reviews

81% of Emirati Car Buyers use Online Reviews to determine what dealership to buy from. Car buyers want to know the reputation of a dealership before they spend thousands of their hard-earned money with them. To maximise leads, UAE Motor Dealerships need to gain Online Reviews from past customers.

Once your dealership has sold a car to a customer, ask them to leave a review of the experience online. Building up more and more positive online reviews will help build trust with potential car buyers and it will encourage them to learn more about your dealership and even enquire about some of the cars you are selling.

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3. Email & SMS Marketing

Not every person who visits your dealership is going to buy a car, but that doesn’t mean you have lost them for good. A great way of gaining more quality leads is by using Email and SMS Marketing to market to potential customers.

When someone visits your dealership, try to get their contact details. This way, your dealership can send Email and SMS marketing campaigns at a later time. By having a visitors’ contact information, you can email them any new cars you have available and even any promotions you may be running. The best part about Email and SMS marketing is it is cheap. Some automated email providers charge as low as AED 30 per month.

4. Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads

In the last two years, Facebook has become the number one lead generator for Motor Dealers around the world. Many Car Dealers in the UAE make the mistake of posting their vehicles up for sale and expecting them to sell quickly, however just listing for vehicles on Facebook isn’t enough!

The best way to reach the right car buyers on Facebook is through Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads. Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads are fully automated vehicle advertisements that show vehicle ads to specific and interested users on Facebook.

The advantage of using Facebook AIA is you can set the location of where you want to target. Your dealership can set the radius of where you want to target and only target car buyers in that area – the perfect lead!

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5. Dealership Website

Dealership Websites are the number one sales tool for Motor Dealers in 2022. A Dealership Website is your dealerships online showroom. The benefit of having a dealership website is it gives potential customers flexibility, customers can find your dealership online, see what cars you are selling and even enquire to buy a vehicle at a time that suits them best.

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Final Word,

To be successful buying and selling cars in the UAE you need to market your vehicles. The 5 Strategies mentioned above are great ways UAE car dealerships can market their vehicles in 2022.

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