5 Advertising Tips For UAE Car Dealers In 2021

03 Aug 2021 Helpful Tips

Statistics show that 75% of car buyers start their research online instead of at a dealership. With that being said, the way many online customers find their next car is through vehicle advertising. If your dealership doesn’t use the internet to market vehicles, you could be seriously impacting your sales and profitability.

Advertising is so important, research shows that 60% of the buying process is done online. This means you would want to be sure that the advertising you put online for is correct, accurate and engaging.

Here are 5 advertising tips UAE car dealers can use in 2021 to increase sales:

1. Advertise to multiple advertisers to reach more buyers

Selling cars in the UAE is competitive! As a dealer you want to be sure you are reaching the most amount of people as possible. One tip for UAE car dealers is to advertise vehicle stock on multiple platforms.

The online car advertising market is highly competitive. Listers are fighting for your stock and do offer great deals or discounts to get you to list your vehicles on their platform. The more listings you have online, the greater the chance you have of finding buyers. 

Some of the top lead generating advertisers available for dealers in the UAE are:

  • Dubi Cars
  • Dubizzle
  • Yalla Motors
  • Car Switch
  • Car shop Dubai

There are many advertisers available to dealers in the UAE. Before you join and begin listing cars on any platform it is highly recommended that you research, assess and consult with all relevant parties prior to beginning your ad spend.

2. Create greater engagement with additional tools

Everyone loves a discount! When you are competing with thousands of other vehicle listings you need to stand out. When a buyer reads something different or sees that you are offering something more for their money they will be more enticed to buy with you.

Some great additional tools you should include in your advertisements include:

  • Finance options
  • Car Valuation tools
  • History of the car
  • Videos of the car

It’s so important to give buyers all the information right away to avoid the risk of them looking elsewhere for more information. Once a customer bounces without enquiring it is almost impossible to get them back.

3. Customise your ads to attract more buyers

If you want to get more bang for your buck, your ads need to stand out. When a customer looks for a car online they look at hundreds of listings at a time.

Here are a few ways you can make your advertisements stand out:

  • High Quality vehicle images: Images can be captured on a mobile device, you don’t need a photographer!
  • Add your dealership logo to the image: This adds some personalisation to the listing and removes any doubt of the image being a sample stock image.
  • Include all features in the description: Many dealers miss key features, don’t worry about the length of the ad, list as many features as you can. You would rather have information there for customers than not.
  • Dealership details: One of the biggest mistakes dealers make is not including their address and contact info.

To read our complete guide on how to create the perfect vehicle advertisement click here.

4. Double check your spelling and grammar

Overlooked by many dealers, spelling and grammar mistakes can make it super hard for car buyers to find your vehicles.

If you happen to misspell a vehicle, feature, price etc. you will affect your search ability. Advertisers and search engines will be unable to filter your vehicle into the correct section of webpages and you will find your advertisements get lost in the wilderness with no results.

We get it, sometimes people make mistakes, but it is so important to triple check your advertisements prior to posting them. It can be all the different in gaining a lead or not.

5. Automate your advertising

We are with you, creating ads for multiple advertisers is a time-consuming task. A way to avoid this is to automate your advertising through a dealer management system.

A DMS like EasyCars allows you to automate your advertising, create and customise advertisements and send ads to multiple advertisers at once – slashing the manual time it takes to complete an advertisement.

Where EasyCars can help?

EasyCars by Jeal is a web-based dealer management system designed to reduce all duplication of work. The dealer only ever needs to enter vehicle details into the system once then all paperwork including all VAT calculations are automated.

One of the key benefits of EasyCars is you can automate your entire advertising process. We send listings to Yalla Motor, Dubi Cars and more.

With EasyCars there is no need to use other systems such as spread sheets or word documents to perform any tasks relating to vehicles.

For a free no-obligation demo of EasyCars submit the form below.

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