4 Of The Biggest Car Dealer Frustrations Solved in EasyCars

23 Mar 2021 Helpful Tips

We’ve all been there, making one simple mistake that creates so much work to fix. If you run into a problem it is never a good idea to ignore it.

Here are 4 common problems experienced by UAE Car dealers and how EasyCars solves them.

1. Errors when completing VAT

VAT is one task that causes the most frustrations for dealers in the UAE. Correctly calculating VAT is tough, it’s even worse if you are doing the calculations manually. Making one small mistake can create massive issues which could cost your dealership thousands!

EasyCars DMS removes the struggles associated with completing mandatory VAT through automated calculations and reporting. EasyCars will automatically calculate your VAT, sync to Xero and provide valuable reports so you can keep track of your VAT and more. EasyCars removes all frustrations associated with VAT reporting.

2. Increasing Competition

Increasing competition is the biggest frustrations for motor dealers in the UAE. At the end of the day there is nothing you can do about new competitors entering the market. What you can do is have a clear strategy in place that offers potential customers something they cannot.

Many Dealerships in the UAE fail to prioritize marketing. In 2020 a staggering 60% of car buyers researched online for their next car rather then attend the dealership in person – proving the importance of online marketing.

EasyCars provides dealerships with SEO, user friendly, dealer websites that are designed to maximise leads and increase your sales. One of the best features of an EasyCars website the integration with EasyCars DMS. When you buy or sell a car your dealer website will automatically update based on your information in EasyCars DMS – removing all manual data entry.

3. Invoicing

A common frustration for all businesses is invoicing. With EasyCars, dealers can now remove the time-consuming invoicing processes that often create costly errors.

EasyCars integrates to industry leading account programs Xero. When someone buys a vehicle from your dealership all financial information automatically syncs to the correct invoice in Xero accounting. No data entry, no mistakes!

4. Business reporting

Many dealerships use multiple systems, excel spreadsheets or paper documents to report. The problem with this is it is often inaccurate and takes time to produce.

EasyCars DMS provides dealers with a solution that automates business reporting.  In the click of a button Dealers can generate valuable reports such as sold vehicles, VAT, profits, leads, expenses and so much more. 

In conclusion,

EasyCars by Jeal offers instant solutions to the biggest frustrations faced by Motor Dealers in the UAE. EasyCars slashes time-consuming administrative tasks, improves your efficieny and grows your profit. 

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