3 Online Trends Changing the way dealers sell cars in the UAE

31 May 2021

2020 proved how important it is to have a great online presence. Statistics released by Google show that 95% of car buyers use the internet as their source of information when looking to buy their next car – highlighting the importance of online for UAE car dealers.

EasyCars has put together 3 online trends that are changing the way people buy cars in the UAE.

Online Presence

An average car buyer in the UAE car visits only 2 dealerships before buying a car. Compared to 5 years ago, car buyers previously visited 5 yards on average before purchasing a car.

Car Buyers have reverted from attending many dealerships in person to researching almost everything online. The problem with this is Car buyers now don’t generally communicate with dealers directly until they are on 80% sure of purchasing the vehicle. This highlights such a massive shift in the car sales process compared to 5 years ago.

Since 80% of the purchase decision occurs before a dealership visit, your online website and overall web presence must be strong enough to convince the buyer. If a car buyer cannot find your dealership on the internet, they will more than likely go to your competitor which could cost you significantly.

Your dealership website must be easy to find for the lead. The website must have clear and enticing visuals with all relevant information such as pricing, test drive times and your dealerships address. To attract high quality leads to your dealership you need to make it easy for them. With a professional SEO-friendly dealer website your dealership will be presented in the best way – creating trust and confidence in your dealership to the buyer.

Online Videos

Selling cars is getting more and more competitive every year, a trend that many dealers are starting to implement is uploading short videos of the cars they are selling to their website, Facebook and YouTube. Studies show that 69% of Car buyers are influenced by online videos when looking to purchase their next car!

Using an online video gives the car buyer a clear picture of the car’s features, the engine condition, drive capability and appearance. The best part of videos is it can be integrated with your dealership website. A video on your website allows prospects to spend more time on your website without the need of sourcing further information from a competitor.

Online videos will significantly differentiate yourself from your competitors and improve your chance to convert leads into sales.

Online Reviews

Don’t understand the power of online reviews? Recent research shows that, 93% of Car buyers claimed that past customer online reviews affect their buying decision when looking to purchase a car. This justifies just how important it is to get positive reviews from your customers after the sale.

To get your customers to give you a positive review you need to make it easy for them. If your current process for getting customers to leave a review is complex and requires them to put in a lot of effort, the chances are they won’t do it.

A great way to get customers to leave a review is by sending your customers a link via email or text message. The link will allow the customer to type in a few words then press submit, Fast, Easy, Simple!

Click here to learn how to create review links for your customers.

Positive reviews on your website, Google and social media gives your dealership greater trust in your dealership. Customers will be enticed to buy from a proven and reliable dealer who has a proven track record of providing exception service for past customers.

In conclusion,

Strong online presence has never been more important for Car dealers. Avoiding embracing online trends can make or break your dealership. As data shows customers are now looking for cars online instead of at the dealership. Creating a great online presence is key for motor dealers to thrive in the UAE.

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